Wednesday, April 09, 2008


My refills arrived yesterday! And I got a new pen that is refillable.
I love a fine line, as you know. For writing--the disposable Hi-Tec C's (.03) and Slicci's (.25) are my new favorites from Jet Pens. This is a Cavalier--same as the Hi-Tec C, but refillable. They only have black, blue, and red refills--so far. I love blue ink and use that most of the time--so I got the green Cavalier and blue refills. :) Anything that has refills saves me money in the long run--hehe!
They also carry a fountain pen--but that is a bit more spendy. Hummm??? I have been on a seach for an extra fine nib that writes a truly thin line--well, all my life. Seems easier to get the really fine lines from dip pen nibs. Maybe one day.....
47 degrees and cloudy. Been coloring the Christmas trees--a pleasantly tedious job. Going to take a long time to color in 60 of them. Little at a time. The turtle wins the race, right? :)
Happy Spring!!

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