Thursday, April 17, 2008


This is what I did in sessions all day and night yesterday. I folded the cardstock and embossed the words for the inside of the cards. Then I cut all the pieces out to be ready for construction. Have to wait a while for all that hunching over construction, but it feels very good to have gotten this far. :)
My stretcher/lounger cat had a good day, too. I am finally going to get rid of the box from her stroller today (under the folding table). Karma had been having fun napping inside of it as I moved it around the apartment, but I think it has finally lost its appeal. The thrill is gone--hehe!
It is ony 57 degrees but there isn't too much wind. It feels warmer than the day it was supposed to have been up near 70 degrees. I have the porch doors wide open and even cracked windows open! First time this year for the living room windows! Spring is here.

I cooked up some more nukable food, too, so--after a day of resting my good old trigger points--I am hoping to start back on the papermaking. All set to go--again. :)
Dagan and Leah never showed up yesterday. Forgot. If I don't write things down anymore--I forget. If Leah doesn't put it in her phone--she forgets. I finally called last night to see if they were still shopping--hehe! Leah said she'd stop by today, since she's out and about doing the cigarette run anyway (part of her second job--she fills cigarette machines one day a week for Valley Video).
They got all their kitchen appliances picked out last night. Leah's been over at the house every day painting. They still aren't ready for Dagan and Leah to start laying the flooring yet. Maybe this weekend? I can't do a lot, but I can go over and help pack boxes--my and my timer--hehe! Probably next week. Leah wants to wait till the very last to pack up the kitchen, of course, so that may be the half week after that? Time is flying! They are going to just love it! :)
Happy Spring!!

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