Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Been two months and the box was still sitting here. I don't think they want the damaged table back. I decided to open it up and see if the base was damaged, too. Looks like it might be okay? I'll have Leah look at it when she and Dagan stop by tonight (after picking out kitchen appliances!) to pick up some packages that have been delivered here.
I think I might have come up with an idea of how to cover the chips and crushed corners? Found a PVC wire cover online--goes along a baseboard and comes in 5 foot strips. Might work to go around the entire table top edge IF we can figure out how to cut it at an angle smoothly to fit it on like a frame, you know? And if by 3/4 inches they are measuring inside the cover. I'll see what Leah thinks--my tool girl! :)
Karma loves pawing the plastic wrap.
I saved the box, just in case. Made a trip to the garage yesterday with this big box and Karma's old carrier--and dropped off a bag of trash, too. Used my little green cart, of course. Sounds like an easy project--BUT we had a wind advisory yesterday with gusts up to 40mph!! The big box worked like a sail or a windbreak--depending on which way the fickle wind turned. Soooo funny! I was either pushing very, very hard just to move the cart against the wind or trying not to sail away and be dragged along! The hardest part turned out to be opening the garage door! It takes two hands and every time I let go of the cart it went rolling away--dreaming of the Indy 500--and I became a reluctant sprinter. I finally had to remove the big box and hold it against the garage door with my knees in order to get the door unlocked. Was an adventure! I am still chuckling! Experiences like that just crack me up!! I bet I looked pretty funny--entertaining--hehehe!
Anyways, I was trying to think of all the things I should do to free up the kitchen for papermaking again. One of the things was cleaning the betta bowl and the aquaruim. My betta died many, many months ago. So long ago I can't even remember. But the bowl was filled with live plants and I kept thinking I'd buy another betta. I have cleaned the bowl twice since he died--algae. This time I moved all the live plants into the 30-gallon and emptied out the betta bowl. Going to just wait--maybe store it in the garage again for a while before I get another betta. Maybe use a couple plastic plants next time--hehe!
Got out the Python hose and cleaned the aquarium. Did a 50% water change. The fish are happy! Was overdue.
Last night I made some potato and cabbage soup--and some rice. Now today I can make up a little more food and I think I am all set for a good long papermaking marathon. :)

Oh--William Sonoma. They sent me back an email with a link.
This product page has different information. Tells all about the set of 2 and buying each chopper separately. I sent them back a link to the page I had saved after I ordered the chopper (that I showed you previously)--which has only one price--one item to buy--but talks about the set. They just said too bad, basically. Very odd, don't you think? Just strange that my page is different from the page that is there now. Computers! Not a big deal. But they didn't even offer to sell me the smaller one for the difference to the set price. Just politely told me I had to order a small one if I wanted one. So much for customer service, eh? Just thought I'd fill you in.

I didn't need to use it yet when I made the soup last night as I still had pre-chopped onions in a jar in the frig. I cover them with oil and they last a long time and are ready for frying.

It was supposed to have gotten up to around 70 degrees yesterday, but with the awful wind it sure did not feel that warm at all. Today is cooler (mid-50s), but then it is supposed to be warmer again (low 60s) for several days.

Well, lets see what I can get done today? Oviously feeling better. :)
P.S. Leah was over at the house painting yesterday!! They can't start on the flooring yet. I told her I could come over and help her with some packing when she needs me. :)

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