Sunday, April 20, 2008


Forgot to take a picture of the dozen bookcards I put together on Friday. That ought to hold me for a while again--hehe!
Saturday morning Leah and I went to the craft garage sale at the Moorhead Center Mall.
And it was set up like a real garage sale. The tables were in a big U-shape--so that you entered and made your way around and ended up back at the register. All the participants had to do was bring in their goods priced and coded for ownership. Kay and her husband took care of all the sales! What a great deal! Each person didn't have to sit there all day at a table and have money for change, etc, like they did years ago when Leah and I were involved. Hummm??? Something to think about for the future. :)
Leah said--"get a picture of it!" We were both in shock! Never, ever have seen a stamp this large!! Didn't even know they made them this big! Must have been at around 9-10 inches tall! Huge! Must be awful to try to stamp a clear image with something that large? I have trouble with the 5 X 4s.
This is what I got for only $10.00 even!! The leaf stamp alone costs $11.00 retail!! Quite the haul. Was a good day shopping at the garage sale. :)
Then we stopped over at Home Depot to see if they had the plastic baseboard wire covers (just the top part) I had seen online. Was thinking of using them around the edges of the table top to repair the art table and make it usable. They didn't have what I was looking for.
Then we went over to Lowes (had seen them on the Lowes website)--but they didn't carry them in the store either. No point in ordering them online if we don't know if they would work--so--decided to see what they had for wood pieces. And I actually bought wood for a table top! Got a wood shelving piece that is 24 X 48 inches. Leah kept it and will work on it after she has her own garage to work in. :) We can shorten it to fit the spot I have for it. It isn't quite as deep (the table top that came with it was 30 X 42 inches--but the table will be sticking out into the room at an entry point, anyways, and I am not exactly known for my large, expressive paintings--hehe! And this wood piece is lighter than the original table top--so should be easier for me to move the table up and down to adjust the height or the angle. And since it is not white anyways--Leah said I can pick any stain I want and she'll stain it for me, too!! I think our make-shift table might end up looking pretty fine! :)
Meanwhile--Miss Karma and the talking card! So very funny--to me, anyways--hehe! This is now her new toy. My oldest friend, Linda (grew up next door to her in Fridley), sent me a belated birthday card where these cartoon voices are talking and laughing and making noise. I have been playing it for Karma and torturing her with it ever since. (Kid Channel on the Cat TV, you know, is one of her favorites.)
Well--I laid it on the floor, since she likes to lay and sprawl on anything, and she was trying to put her head into the card! She pushed it just far enough to make it start talking--and the fun began! The voices would start and she'd leap up--and then they'd stop. Three times she finally pushed it open and got it to run its funny course--and then I'd shut it again--hehe! She was leaping and pawing and jumping about until she wore herself out!
Thanks for the surprise added entertainment, Linda! I'm going to have this card at hand for a long time--hehe!

Last night I just had to play a little bit with the new-to-me stamps and the foiling supplies I purchased recently. Messy--but fun! Not the best picture of these. I tried and tried--couldn't capture the shimmer of the foil. But you get the idea. Definitely going to be playing more with the new sticky embossing powder!
I took one of my new pain pills yesterday so I could be out and about and not hobble like an old woman. They work well for my rare trips out of the house--hehe! A little too well--chuckle! Shouldn't have also been playing with the foiling yesterday. What the heck--I'd be on R&R today, regardless, right? *she laughs* Was a really fun day! Also--beautiful, warmer, and sunny. Today--chilly and grey. Good day to rest. :):)

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  1. Rita - Looks like the sale was fun! I didn't even know about it! I went to the Friends of the Library booksale at the Moorhead Library this weekend and found a bunch of cool books to cut up for collaging :)

    I like your foiled leaves! And laughed at Karma's response to your talking card. How funny!

    You've also been tagged on my latest blog entry. Just for fun! But don't feel that you have to play the silly game if you don't want to. I won't be offended :) Just wanted to list your blog there because it is one I visit daily!


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