Saturday, April 26, 2008


This is what it looked like by 1am. I couldn't see out of the livingroom windows, either. Plastered with snow. Very windy--gusts up to 33 mph. Nearly zero visibility and they predicted we'd get about 6-8 inches of snow here--more to the east of us.
Cold--down to 25 degrees during the night--predicted high of around 40 degrees--but that should be enough to melt some of the snow.
Note: Dagan and Leah didn't move anything in that storm. Thank goodness they have until Wednesday to move everything out. They can wait a day or so. If it stops snowing and warms up enough to melt off the sidewalks...they'll be good to go. :)
I was still awake so I thought I may as well say a quick hello before I went to bed. :) Feeling better--but being sick every couple of weeks or so for the last two months--just wears a person right out. On R&R. Noodle days. But--life is good! :)


  1. Hi! It's tracy from the brush painting group :) Wanted to look and your cards! They are terrific!

    but omg - snow???

  2. I posted the last card I sent to Haiying on April 13th. :)

    We had snow three times in April this year--weird! Melting away pretty rapidly, at least, here in Fargo. East of us in Minnesota they got twice as much snow as we did here. Global warming, I guess, eh?


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