Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I had been trying to come up with a cheap way to make small palettes with 5-7 places to put paint. I read about using Sucrets boxes and pop bottle tops. But only four tops fit--and rather awkwardly. Then I remembered I had ordered some empty full-pans back when I made the Altoids palette last year. Six fit beautifully--and I can probably get another half pan in there if I needed to. (The various samplers come in 3-7 tubes usually.) I could probably slide the front two over and have room for a sponge and maybe a very small travel brush like Kate from the EDM group uses--hehe!
Guess I need to order some more empty pans, eh? :)

Here's one of the silly things I do around here by myself--hehe! Drying cuttings from Karma's cat grass. Gearing up to make paper again. :) I forgot to show you the stainless steel grates Leah picked up for me. $7.99 plus 20% off at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Love them!

Most of the snow is already melted. Dagan said the roads were solid ice on his way to work yesterday, but it got into the 40s during the day so the roads were fine later.
Caroline is coming shortly--so got to gather up the trash and the cat toys--hehe! Later...

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