Thursday, April 10, 2008


I have had a hard time painting these tiny trees with the water brushes and Lyra crayons. The synthetic points tend to flatten out and they are very difficult to do fine details with. Was taking me forever. As you can see in the upper right hand corner of the table, I got out all my brands and tried them all--to no avail. (Small Niji worked the best, tho.) So, in desperation--I finally got out my markers last night, found the colors I liked (with a little experimentation)...
...taped my sample onto my lapdesk...
...moved the piles to my endtable...
...and worked on them assembly-line style (one color at a time)...
...and finished them last night!! TaDa!!
My new sage pillow works really nicely under my lapdesk, BTW.
I knew my old throw pillows I used on my lap were in need of being quite literally "thrown"--hehe! They had to either be discarded or washed a few years back--I opted to wash them and they ended up rather hard, lumpy entities. The last few months they had begun to come apart at the seams and the stuffing was popping out. I actually forgot how nice a soft, squishy pillow will work under my lapdesk. Perfection!
The funny thing, tho, was Miss Karma! She can't climb onto my lap until I have a pillow there. (It actually hurts me--have fibro all over.) Karma knows this and waits--if my lap is empty or until I remove the lapdesk if I am writing or reading. (If I don't remove the lapdesk in short order, she rubs her head vigorously against the wood and makes it impossible to write. This will either cause me to get down to cuddling business or kick her butt off the chair. She knows her odds are good--hehe!)
Anyways, as I was saying.....I was writing--removed the lapdesk--Karma noticed the new pillow, but stepped confidently onto it. It gave way under her feet and totally freaked her out! ROFL!!! She actually cried in shocked complaint and leapt off the chair! Took three times before she now--very gingerly--will make her way onto the unstable pillow--hehe! It was like watching an indoor cat high-stepping across grass for the first time--so funny! Just goes to show you how very badly I needed new throw pillows, eh?
Karma definitely likes them, now--after she got acclimated. Last night she even stopped and kneaded her paws on the soft, pliable pillow for a while before she settled into it--purring up a storm--chuckle!
Cats! Gotta love em!!


  1. Wow you have been busy making all those cards! I hope your Kitty has recovered from the shock of having a 'too soft' pillow!

  2. Soooo funny! She's still leery of stepping on it, but sure loves it once she has perched herself and sunk comfortably into it--hehe!

  3. Anonymous2:17 AM

    Dear Rita, your cards bring love and warmth to my heart. Love from Haiying

  4. Oh, Haiying! You have the most tender and joyous soul! :)
    Love Always, Rita

  5. Look at all those beautiful cards! :)

  6. Well, will be on the fronts of future cards--hehe! I fell in love with the colorful "happy, little trees" (as Bob Ross would say). Now have to figure out what to do with them--haha! It's all fun!


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