Monday, May 18, 2009


Was back with the Soul Coaching book last night. :)
Karma was trying to keep me company--but kept falling asleep in the chair--hehe!
This morning--back to sun bathing. :)
Well, crazy hours or not--tomorrow I have to be awake most of the day--hehe! Caroline is coming over to clean and then Leah is coming over for crafts. So, I'll try to stay up as long as possible today. Slept a long time yesterday (3:30pm-1:30am)--so it shouldn't be too much of a problem to go to sleep some time in the evening tonight.
I got to enjoy half of the beautiful day yesterday--and should see most of it today. Sunny and supposed to hit 70 degrees. Good day to read on the porch again when it warms up. But right now--back to the Soul Coaching book... :) :)


  1. Awe it such a gorgeous day to relax in the sun....I am in and out hanging laundry on the line today so getting some too....Id love the life of a cat with a good owner!!

    Have a great day Rita!

  2. Where are you at with your Soul Coaching book? Enjoy your day with Caroline and Leah ~ :)

  3. Rebag,
    Hanging laundry--cool! Clothes always smell soooo nice when they are hung outside!

    Cats do seem to always appreciate anything that makes life easier, too, don't they? I think Miss Karma has the good life--hehehe! :)

    I did!! :):)

  4. Serena,
    I have only been working on the SC book here and there--and I have been usually doing all three levels also. I am only on Lesson 10--or I should say Day 10--ROFL!! I may be slow as molasses in January these days with my limited functionality, but I do keep at things--hehe! I figure at this rate I will be one of the people she suggested could take a whole year--and do one week for each season. But I will finish it. Eventually. :):)

  5. There's nothing wrong with going at your own pace and taking your time with the book. I think you will probably get more out of it by doing it that way anyways as you will take more time to ponder the lessons.

  6. Serena--
    Yes--I do have a lot more pondering time than energetic time, in the first place--ROFL!!

    That book does give you a lot of things to ponder on, tho! Lots! :)


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