Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve--3pm

As long as I was making up angels....
...I made up extras for Etsy. :)
Got them done so that Leah could take them with her and have them laminated tomorrow and get the dozen in the mail. :)

Anyways, I did it again! Forgot to get pictures last night!! Duh! Dagan, Leah, and Ariel came over and we had a most excellent Sacred Circle! But I can tell you about what we did.

First we do the "talking piece". One by one we go around the circle and whoever is holding the talking piece (we just used a rock sphere last night, but you can use anything you can hold in your hand) has the floor and no one else is supposed to speak (altho, sometimes we forget or can "allow" response). We are never rigid about rules--hehe! You talk about what's been going on since the last circle, anything you are working on or need help with...basically where you are spiritually with what is going on in your life.

Next we did the Burning Bowl Ceremony. We write down on strips of paper what we wish to send off to the heavens or The Universe--things we are grateful for or requests for assistance or guidance (for self or others)--and we always try to word them in a positive way. For example: if you want to lose weight (popular New Year's thing) you wouldn't want to ask for help to lose this many pounds (which focuses on something negative you want to release)'d ask for help in eating healthier or being motivated to exercise (which focuses on something positive you want to attract). Does that make sense?

Anyways, we don't tell anybody what we wrote down (unless you want to--but we usually keep them private). We silently take turns going around the circle one by one. First you look at what you wrote down, think about it (until it is your turn again), and focus on it as you burn the little piece of paper and drop it into the bowl. We have a copper bowl that we set on a rock coaster--obviously your bowl has to be fire-worthy. We keep going around the circle until everybody is done. This is a great thing to do on New Year's!

Finally we did the Angelic Messenger Cards (my very favorite angel deck!). We each pick a card and the next person (clockwise) reads about it. We have just left it open-ended for years--asking for guidance with whatever they thought we needed to focus on, that kind of thing. But we haven't gotten really good answers the last few times. Good, but not really right on, you know? Leah started--was okay. But then Dagan decided to be more specific about what he wanted guidance with--and voila! Great card! With answers! So we all did that and Leah did hers over again, too--and WOW! Was awesome! So we learned that it is time for us to ask for guidance in a specific area or have a more specific question. Something new for the new year. :):)

Also--I've had this "kit" with a workbook and CDs to learn about the chakras for maybe 12 years--never used it. I had the feeling we should start using this at Sacred Circle--so I asked everybody's opinion and they said that was fine. So--something else new for 2010! tada!

We're going to try to meet once a month again for Sacred Circle (a goal we've attempted for years--hehe!) and learn about the chakras--one each month. I said I would read the first chapter and listen to the CD before next Sacred Circle to double check if I thought the chakra lessons are worthwhile--but I would imagine they would be. :) And we will decide on a regular meeting day of the month--either end or beginning--and try to actually stick to this in 2010--hehe! ;) If we actually met every month that would also be something new for 2010--ROFL!

Tonight I gather all my "stuff"--dust and clean everything--and then will do some mediation. Already did the burning bowl and an angel card--so I might use the Healing Rune Stones tonight. :) I'll try to remember to take a picture, but it will look pretty similar to the last couple new year's photos--chuckle!

I was so energized by Circle that I couldn't fall asleep until almost 5am! There was sooo much good energy last night! Was awesome! That happens to me, tho. Same as when I do energy work/Healing Touch/Soul Comfort--it makes me feel so wonderful, blessed, lifted, energized, light, filled with joy to the point of bursting! It is food for my soul!!

Oh my goodness! I forgot to take pictures of the present Dagan and Leah brought me! And the gifts that they got from a special friend who has never met them. Well, more tomorrow..or maybe even later tonight..?? I get so excited over New Year's and this feels like a special one. ;)

Be back...:):)

Happy New Year!!


AliceKay said...

Happy New Year to you, too!

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay!
I was just checking email before I sit down and do my welcoming of the new year. 20 minutes to go here. :) :) :)