Friday, March 12, 2010


The light rain and the foggy white days continue as the snow slowly recedes.

The pond in the parking lot enlarges...
...and you can see the playground now--underwater.
I had a couple of packages come yesterday. This one on the teal colored bag is from Volcano Arts. The two clear acrylic squares (came with the blue coating on both sides so they didn't scratch) are exactly the right size to use with the Stamp-a-ma-jig. Everyone was out of the extra sheets for it, so I thought I'd try these. I think I will like them better because they are thicker and butt up against the device even more firmly. Hurray! Glad I got them. :)
The short eyelets look about the same size as the standard ones? I love these tiny metal containers they came in! We can always use eyelets. :)
Here are the new eyelet setters in the 1/8 and 3/16 sizes that are supposed to work better. Having the nubbies on the ends is supposed to help so they don't go lopsided and split the eyelet. I hope they work better.
These are itty, bitty eyelets size 1/16. I never buy them because I didn't know how I would set them.
But they had a 1/16 eyelet setter, too--with a nubby! :)
The JoAnn's order came, too. One thing Leah and I haven't tried much of is the rub-ons. I got two general sayings rub-on sheets...
...and a booklet of rub-ons for cards, it says.
A recent addition to our adhesive repertoire--dimensionals.
Some white and natural beeswax...
...and a few Perfect Pearls powders (never tried). Good for rubbing shimmery colors on stuff--including beeswax! Everything was on sale except the Perfect Pearls, I think.
Strangest thing...I was waiting in the lobby for the mail lady to get done so I can get the rest of my mail with my packages and she asked me--"Did you win a poetry contest?"
Totally baffled, I told her--Yes--and asked her how she knew about it. She read about it in the Fargo Forum. Oh my! I had no idea they mentioned it in the newspaper! (I don't subscribe.) So that was kind of fun! She recognized my name from the mail route. Got me to giggling. I told her the story and how I bought a laptop with the money. So, I got congratulations from the mail lady. :)
Anyways, no snow left on the porch. But with all the rain the carpet is pretty soggy out there. Karma has her own solution. She keeps expecting bugs any day now--hehe!
I've been using the SpotBot to finish the bleaching of the carpeting. Looks so much better than those terrible brown stains. Won't be long and we can move the bookcase! :)
I did finish cleaning off the art table, too. Am gradually recharging, I guess. Slowly rejoining the land of the semi-functional--ROFL! Have a really wonderful, functional day--hehe!


AliceKay said...

We've had light rain today and lots more is on the way over the weekend. There's still snow in the mountains so our area is under a flood watch. I think most of Pennsylvania is, plus a few other states are as well. I'm hoping the creeks on both sides of my little town can handle all of the water.

You have lots of new crafting supplies to keep you busy. I look forward to seeing what you make with them. Those eyelet setters look pretty neat.

That was nice how the mail lady asked you about the poem. I'm glad you're getting the recognition. :)

And I'm glad you're feeling better.

Intense Guy said...

I totally agree with Alice Kay, it was nice that the mail lady asked you about the poem it's realy great you're getting the recognition.


Someday you will need to move to a MUCH bigger place - you keep getting crafting supplies! :)

Hang in there Karma, the bugs are coming and will be there soon enough!!!

And I live downstream from Alice Kay, we get all her muddy water a couple days or two later!

akartisan said...

I use Volcano Arts also - they have marbling combs and bookbinding thread. They have sales on it every so often. When I was first ordering from them, I thought they were in Hawaii because of the name, then found out they were in the states and it's the name of the town.

Looks like you have lots to playt with right now - you'll have to do another organizing soon, probably.

AliceKay said...

LOL @ Iggy (watch out for travel trailers...a few have washed out of campgrounds and into the river before)

Serena Lewis said...

It's wonderful to see you getting some recognition, Rita! :)

Nice lot of craft goodies!

Rita said...

I'm late responding and it's Sunday. But we've had rain and rain and have two more days, I guess, to look forward to. The river is rising. They are sandbagging. I am glad I am far away from the river now after I moved across to the Fargo side. Makes everyone wonder if we are going to have bad flooding again this year? Hope not.

New goodies. You can tell I'm still not to energetic or I'd be making stuff by now--hehe! But it gives me something to look forward to all the time. Finished with the carpet, tho. That's something.

I didn't know Iggy was downstream. You can let him know what is coming--hehe! ;)

Rita said...

Hi Iggy,
Luckily most of the stuff we buy is on the small side--hehe! I'd love to have a spare room like I used to have in Moorhead. Maybe one day. :)

AliceKay can keep you informed as to how the river is running. Coming from Mpls where rivers run south, I still can't get used to the river running north up here. Really weird.

There will soon be those darn flies that get into the porch and the occasional moth. Bother to me and joy for her. There's always something for everybody in this life, isn't there? :)

Rita said...

Hi Sue,
I like Volcano Arts for the bookbinding supplies, too. Nice little shop.

You're right--by the time I go to put all the chaos away on the table, chairs, and TV trays around the craft area--it is going to be a challenge to add the new stuff--hehe! I'll find a place. Never fear! :)

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
Thanks--was just funny having the mail ladies notice it. Nice. :)

I am sure you get just as excited over your new art supplies. Always such fun! :)