Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yesterday the mail lady called to tell me I had a package. I knew it was the last one--the hot wax stylus from JoAnn's! When I went down she had a surprise for me!
Newspaper clippings! I couldn't believe it! Wasn't that the sweetest thing?! Because I don't get the local paper, she said. And she told me that our old carrier (I wondered where she went--told me they switch routes up on them every now and then) said to tell me congratulations, too! Isn't that something? I'm smiling just telling you about it. :)
Yup--the hot wax stylus arrived.
Interesting contraption.
The mail lady was asking a bunch of questions about the poem so I told her that I'd stick a copy of "Baby Girl" in my mailbox for her. And I decided to make her a quick thank you card.
Got to try out a rub-on, too. I've only used one once before, I think. Forgot that you really have to hold them down so they don't shift around. Anyways, we usually have someone else delivering mail on Saturdays, so I will stand this up in my mailbox on a copy of the poem for her on Monday. :):)
I worked on the carpet again a little.
Done using the SpotBot. Next step--I plan to do some hands-on scrubbing with a scrub brush and some bleach water to try to blend in the SpotBot circles a little. And then that's about it. Let it dry and we can move the bookcase--tada! I don't think I can get it much better than this. Looks WAY better than the horrible brown stains, that's for sure. Waaaay better. I can at least live with this.
Obviously, I am starting on the fibro upswing (knock on wood). Nice to be puttering about again. I wanted to test out the new ScorTape on our handmade paper. Many of the tapes don't work on it very well because the handmade paper is softer and more fibrous, I guess--just doesn't stick. Well--the ScorTape worked like a charm!!
I had three sheets of the red handmade paper here so I did a quick recycling of a calendar from last year. (Look familiar, Ruby?) Cut out one of the birds, framed it with a piece of purple scrap paper, taped them together, and then taped them onto the handmade paper with the ScorTape--tada!! Very secure. Even the carpet tape doesn't work that well. It passed with flying colors!
So, decided to try another test. Could I use rub-ons with the slightly uneven handmade paper?
That worked just fine. At least with big thick print. Awesome!
As soon as I pulled out some satchels to get to our larger scraps (purple paper for the framing)...
...Karma was in where she shouldn't be, of course. I'm scared to have her lying about on the satchels. Afraid they might crack! Shooed her out of there!
I'm watching my last DVD from Netflix (for now, anyways)--Northern Exposure. Another dark day--even tho I slept thru half of it. Bed at dawn again. But--it's 40 degrees! Whoohooo! Glad to be feeling a little restless now and again. Putter--putter, I hope. :):)


AliceKay said...

Wow...that was so thoughtful of your mail lady. Congrats again on winning the poetry contest. That was a very nice thank you card you made for her.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

akartisan said...

that was nice of your mail lady to do that for you. Before you move the bookcase back, you might put some of those plastic furniture coasters under it so it doesn't leave a mark on the rug, although if it hasn't left a mark where it is now, it should be alright.

Serena Lewis said...

What a thoughtful thing for the mail lady to do and your thank you card was lovely!

Rita said...

AliceKay--Was quite a nice surprise. Thanks! :)

Rita said...

The only thing I have from any of the other pieces of furniture is the dents from the bases or legs. Just the normal stuff. This mess was because of the fish tank spilling over and down the back when I first had it. I had no idea that much water had spilled and gone down the cabinet. *sigh* I would never buy an Eclipse brand aquarium with the filter in the hood ever again. Was a special dreadful case. I'll show before and after pictures after it dries--and if I can figure out how to move pictures over to the McLap. Arg! I have been trying and can't find where they went. ?? Learning curve over here--hehe!

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
She is really a nice lady, just like the last main one we had. Glad you liked the card. Hope she does. I'll be walking it down later tonight (Sunday) so she'll get it tomorrow. :)

Intense Guy said...

:) Thoughtful of your mail lady and thoughtful of YOU to leave her a card.

And Karma isn't big enough to acutally crack anything is she??!? (I need a font that has my voice rising in a sacastic skeptism)


Rita said...

Hi Iggy,
Thanks-I usually remember to be gracious with thank yous. Helps that I am genuinely thankful (kind of overwhelmed in this instance) when people are kind. :)

Oh--I could hear the chiding sarcasm and the laughter right over the cyberwaves!! Surprised I could hear it with that tongue stuck in your cheek--ROFL!!