Saturday, March 27, 2010


Who can figure out cats?!
Karma lays on everything imaginable, right? But will she even go inside of an actual cat bed? Nope. She hides behind it, smells it, will drag toys out of it, kneads the side of it, sleeps next to it...but lay on it? Nope. I've moved it around to different spots. It is definitely interesting, but not to lay in, I guess.
I actually made a few cards yesterday! :)

Took me a lot longer, but that's okay. Always feels good to accomplish something, right? :) Was fun to get the Cuttlebug out. And I tried out the new eyelet setter with my new gift eyelets. The new setter worked better than the old post ones I had--and the BigBite. Having that nubby on the end of the setter does apparently really help. Good! :)
Which reminds me. You're probably not going to believe this, but I decided to keep the BigBite after all. Not for eyelets, but for punching holes. It came to me that I have had a hard time punching holes for the journals and this might work really well for that. If it works easily for the punching it will be worth it for me with my bum arm, even if it doesn't work well for eyelets. And I do think it will probably work okay for hole punching. Expensive hole puncher--hehe! Oh well.
My project for today--laundry. When I am not feeling good--I just do one load from start to finish and then see how I feel. I can always do the other load tomorrow. And the whites are already done in the washer, I think. So--I am off to put them in the dryer on this dark, gray day. Looks like it might be a good day for napping, tho. That's a plus for me right now--hehe! :):)


akartisan said...

maybe the cat bed smells like the other cats. I haven't heard you talk about catnip, but if she likes it, you could put some in the bed.

Serena Lewis said...

LOL...Karma is certainly taking her time accepting the new piece of decor as her bed. Time will tell, I guess.

Great cards! The BigBite must work great for punching holes if you're planning to keep it.

Enjoy your naps - :)

AliceKay said...

Karma will probably be laying in the bed one day when you aren't looking and think to herself...this ain't so bad after all. :)

The cards are very nice. I loved the first one the best.

It was sunny here all day today but still on the cold side. Rain comes later tomorrow.

I hope you feel better tomorrow.

Rita said...

Sue--I'm going to try that! :)

Serena--The BigBite is supposed to cut thru chipboard and thin tin, etc. I'm going to experiment and see--but you just press down on the handle supposedly quite easily. When I tried it on the packaging paper it went thru like butter! :)

AliceKay--I think we prefer the same style. I never had anything I could use for guys, tho. And have friends who like bright colors (like orange) and bolder looks--so I have been branching out. ;)

Intense Guy said...

Now you see, Karma doesn't think she is a cat, so you simply got the wrong item - she needs a QUEEN of the KNOWN UNIVERSE bed (perhaps if you call her "cat bed" that loud enough and often enough....?)


Big Bite = Hole Punch.. hmmm... fancy them choppers... like a vampires huh?

Rita said...

Hi Iggy,
You can always give me a giggle. Karma probably wants a throne--not some throw on the floor cat bed--hehe!

The hole punchers do come down like a big old biting tooth! There are two sizes--can only use one size at a time and there's only one that will come down. So now I have the imagine of a vampire with only one fang--hehe! :):)

Leah said...

I agree, if you haven't already try catnip in the bed, then she'll probably go in there... ;)

Secondly, that first card, did you use an embossing folder on it through the Cuttlebug? To get thos polkadots? Looks great! I also love the black and white one with the Cuttlebug cut out on the left, VERY COOL! We are already getting a lot of uses out of those dyes/dies(I don't know)? Just wanted to chime in, catching up on my lunch break... ;)

Thank you kindly,

Rita said...

Hi Leah--tied catnip. No go. And--yes--I ran it thru the embossing folder. Been trying some of our new stuff recently. ;) I think it is dies? It is die for singular. ?? Oh well, we know what we are talking about, right? hehe! :)