Thursday, March 04, 2010


And who is this, you may ask?
These two beautiful cats are Sammy and Annie. Sammy has some Siamese in him. Look at the blue eyes!
Dagan and Leah went over to visit them last night. They asked me to come with, but I wasn't up to leaving the apartment for any length of time last night--darn! These are pictures the owners sent to Dagan and Leah. A lady Dagan works with is looking for a good home for their pair of two-year old cats. Dagan and Leah have been talking about getting a couple of cats for...well...always! That was one of the things they were looking forward to when they were building their house that never happened. Sammy and Annie are already fixed--not declawed, but past the kitten clawing stage and not supposed to be scratchers--and were friendly! (Unlike a certain feline I know and love who is my very first anti-social cat ever--hehe!) Aren't they lovely!?
Dagan and Leah will have to decide. They are gone this weekend to a gaming convention in the Twin Cities, but they sounded like they really liked Sammy and Annie. I'm excited! Could soon be a cat-sitter for them!!
Anyways, Craft Night was cancelled, of course. :) Dagan and Leah stopped by quickly on their way home to fill me in on how the visit went. Leah didn't even get a chance to go thru the box of goodies from Alaska. We were all too excited talking about the cats. :):)
I made three different craft orders last night. Some things for cards and supplies for using beeswax. Was hard to find a separate project pan for the Melting Pot--so one order was just for that. And three times when I went to pay for me order with JoAnn's the hot wax stylus vanished off my cart? So I just made the order and wrote to them about it. Not sure I have one coming now or not? Anyways--decided to go with crafts this month and nothing went to the chair fund this time. Next month. :)
Meanwhile--just might be a reading afternoon for me today. Have a great day!! :):)


Intense Guy said...

I would think Karma would be the one that Leah and Dagan should have taken over to see the cats... I mean Auntie Karma should have a meow or two in this, don't you think?


If you are baby sitting these two cutey-pies... who will be sitting Karma?

Don't you hate web-stores that have checkouts that just don't behave? I sure do...

Serena Lewis said...

Sammy and Annie are beautiful looking cats. Are Leah and Dagan definitely taking them?

It's frustrating when online shopping carts act up. Once I ended up with a double order because the first order didn't seem to go through as it just kept sitting on the same 'in process' screen so I clicked the button again....VOILA! went through and finalised. Next thing I know I'm getting two confirmation of order emails with different order numbers for the same product. Thankfully, I emailed the company and they were able to cancel one of the orders before it came out of my bank account.

AliceKay said...

Sammy is a beautiful cat..I love the eyes. Knew he had some Siamese in him as soon as I saw the pic. Annie is very nice looking, too. We had an all black cat when I was a kid...his name was Blackie. My parents used to have a black cat that my niece (who lived with them for quite a few years) and his name was Midnight.

Unknown said...

I tried to send this last night, but it wouldn't go, so will try again. If the 2 cats have grown up together, they will play and keep each other company, so that's a good thing. I wish mine would! They are 3 females that I took in at different times, and each one wants to be dominant. They are gradually getting better, but it's been 3 year now, so you'd think they would have accepted it by now.

Rita said...

Hi Iggs,
I have often wanted to call you Iggs for some reason. Funny! I don't think Karma would be glad to meet any other cats, actually. She doesn't even really like other human beings all that much. But she might surprise me--hehe!

When I would catsit I would just go over once a day and give them treats, clean the cat box, spend a little time with them. They're used to being alone all day anyways, you know. Karma might notice that I smell like strange cats, tho--hehe!

Usually if I have a lot of trouble ordering on a website I will just not order from them. But JoAnn's is a staple store for Leah and I--hehe! I've never had trouble with term in the past. I hope this is not an omen and just a fluke. :)

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
Yes--I think so. I have only gotten emails and Leah said probably. But I think she meant the probably as to "when" and not "if". Don't you just love electronic conversations--hehe!

Oh--I've always been afraid of that happening--the double order by accident! I'm glad they took care of it right away. I called and ordered the hot wax stylus. They said they couldn't add it to the order and made a separate one. But waived the shipping--so that was okay. Now I have to watch and see that they don't find the email and order me another one!

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay!
We had a Siamese when I was a kid and kittens (had her bred) a couple of times. Loved her so much. She slept with me and was my bud. Got cirrhosis of the liver, if you can believe that. She could open the basement door. Jumped up and hung a front and back leg over the railing and then she'd arrange herself and kind of lunge over with her front paws and turn the door knob--braced by that back leg! I finally saw how she did it. So smart!

I had a Siamese mix when Dagan was a baby--and several black cats. Have always loved cats, I guess. :)

Rita said...

Hi Sue,
Well, you may have better odds, but they're kind of like human siblings. Sometimes they just don't get along. Raised together or not. ;)

Rita said...

Hi Sue,
Well, you may have better odds, but they're kind of like human siblings. Sometimes they just don't get along. Raised together or not. ;)