Monday, March 15, 2010


Karma and a little catnip.

More imaginary prey.
Okay...I have been finishing with the carpeting for the last few days--a little at a time because of my knees. Finally done. Now just waiting for it to get totally dry. Thought I'd show you the transformation.
When Dagan and I moved the cabinet that the fish tank had been on--OMG! I had no idea it was this bad from the Eclipse running over the top (filter in the hood) back when I first got it after I moved here. (I had to run it without the filter in it--unless I changed it about once every week or two or it would splash up over the top.) This mold had been dry for years and was like a black powder and stain. Horrible!!
After scrubbing by hand and using the SpotBot with everything we could think of short of our last resort (bleach).
Now--after using bleach water in the SporBot several times and then by hand with a scrub brush. TaDa!!
I know the bleach turned it a cream color, but I can live with this. World of difference from the above photo! I am happy with it. Want it really, really dry before we move the bookcase over, that's for sure. I'd gladly wait weeks--months! No dampness under furniture for me, I tell you! I am glad to be done with this huge project. :):)
Let's see. I left the poem and thank you card in the mailbox. Haven't been down yet to see if she took them. I sure hope she was on duty today. :)
Dagan and Leah brought Sammy and Annie home last night. The owners helped bring things over--carpeted cat towers, etc. It was really hard for the lady. She couldn't come in. I know how she feels. I'll never forget watching my African Greys leave before I moved up here to Fargo. They went to a fantastic home and I knew I couldn't take care of them properly--broke, lost job, going to be living off school loans--but I stood in my apartment and cried and cried. I loved them so much. I still miss them.
I talked with Leah on the phone last night. They moved everything downstairs for now so that the cats can feel safe and explore at their own pace. Sammy is the brave one. He cased out the whole place--all three floors. Annie was hiding in the closet at first and then came out and hid in one of the cat towers. Sammy would go back downstairs to be with her. They'll gradually adapt to the new surroundings. I have no doubt they'll be very happy with Dagan and Leah. :) :)
I won't go visit for a while because Dagan has a bad cold/cough--probably home from work today--and Leah was wondering if she was coming down with it, too. So, I'm staying away and we'll see how they are doing as far as Craft Night goes on Wednesday. Might skip this week.
Me--resting my knees today. :) Will probably finish another of Caroline's books before she comes tomorrow. Just sooo happy to look over and not see those ugly brown stains on the carpeting!! Whoohoo! Mission accomplished!! Have a great day--well, evening. Mine are flipped--hehe! :):)


Celticspirit said...

That spot bot sure seems to do the job! I've never heard of those. Where did you get it?
Your cat sure is the star of your blog. Beautiful cat and perfect name.
Hope the rest of your day is a good one.

Rita said...

Hi Barbara,
The SpotBot is by Bissell, I believe. It's Leah's. I think she got it at Target, but they are around at a lot of stores. What's nice is that you set it up and turn it on and leave it to scrub all by itself. Scrubs those circles, I had. Normally--that is all you need, you know? Nobody usually has to deal with awful stains like I had. Once we had to resort to bleach--I let it work and work in its circles, let the carpet dry and did it again. Three times, I think. Finally I went in by hand a few times. But it is really awesome! I can't believe it got that awful stuff out! :):)

I suppose I could rename it "Karma's Korner"--hehehe! ;) When I am too low to move--she is always doing something I can take pictures of--ha! Good thing I didn't have all this when Dagan was little. He would have probably been mortified to be plastered all over my blog--ROFL! :)

Serena Lewis said...

Great job on removing that stain! The difference is wonderful.

How sad when people must part with their beloved pets for reasons beyond their control. I hope the owner will be comforted to see Sammy and Annie going to such lovely people as Leah and Dagan. It will be interesting to hear how they settle in over the coming weeks.

AliceKay said...

You did a great job on that carpet...SpotBot and scrubbing on your hands and knees made it look almost as good as new.

I hope Sammy and Annie get acclimated to their new surroundings soon. I know Dagan and Leah will give them a good home. (from what i've seen and heard anyway) :)

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
It may be a different shade but it doesn't gross me out when I look over there anymore-hehe!

I'm sure they know that the cats went to a good home, but it's hard all the same, I know. :)

Rita said...

Hi aliceKay,
Yes--took some time and scrubbing by machine and by hand. Not happy that I had to bleach it, but glad it worked! :)

They told Dagan and Leah that Annie took two weeks to move around when they had first had her, so it's nothing unusual for Annie to stay put. She's still sticking to the cat tree/tower thingie. She'll adjust. :)

Intense Guy said...

Maybe their is prey there... Karma has senses you do not possess...

:) The fllor is covered with creepy crawling things... and not visible to the human eye...

That moldy carpet has come a long way!! I thought you'd be down there on your hands and knees painting each individual strain of carpet by hand with a small paint brush to get the color right...

...but that would be silly.

Rita said...

You know--it was close to Saint Patty's Day--maybe it was the wee leprechauns or fairies?! She could be Irish for all I know.

Ha! I never thought of that--painting each little carpet fiber...hummm...I probably couldn't physically accomplish that feat anymore...? Don't give me any ideas--hehe! ROFL!!