Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Caroline showed up with a bag of books! I was down to three books left from the three bags she brought...well, long ago? All the ones in the front there are from Caroline.
I honestly had no clue there were this many chick-lit mystery writers! This must be quite the new trend, eh? They are fun light quick reading, that's for sure. I'm set for a good long time again. Thanks, Caroline! :)
This afternoon I have CashWise delivering groceries and then it's Craft Night tonight. :) Decisions will probably be made as to whether to remove the PC stuff off the McLap. ?? Leah has the box of goodies from Sue to snoop thru. Always look forward to seeing my favorite people in the whole world!! :):)
Karma hasn't pulled one of her disappearing acts for a while. Well, to me it is a disappearing act. To her it is just locating a spot that she hasn't used to snooze in a very long time. She deliberately ignores me calling her name..listens to me going from room to room. She is not the least bit curious as to why I am calling her name if she doesn't hear me opening a can or a jar of her "treats". No response whatsoever. Despite the fact she is a very vocal cat--ROFL!
It's just odd not to see her for many hours. I know she's here someplace. This is only a small apartment, right? It's my curiosity that keeps me looking. Found her sleeping on the chair that is tucked behind the craft table and up against the window. She hasn't slept there for maybe a year or two. I got the slitted one-eyed brief acknowledgement and she went right back to sleep. I thought it was cats who were supposed to be curious?


AliceKay said...

Nice collection of books. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Karma looks very content sleeping there on that chair.

I hope you have a fun Craft Night.

(it's been snowing in northeastern Pennsylvania again)

Rita said...

Oh no! More snow! You guys will be tunneling pretty soon--hehe!

The books are fun--more like what people call summer reading, I think? I was never quite sure what that meant--hehe!

Unknown said...

summer reading is books you take to the beach or camping to read, so you can get done fast and they are not too serious.

Rita said...

Hi Sue--
Well, these books are perfect for summer reading then! :):)

Intense Guy said...

I'm sorry - I see a sleepy cat and then a comment from Sue and durned if "Wake Up Little Susie" doesn't pop into my head.

Those books ought to hold you for a bit! At least until Caroline comes back!

p.s., I hope her car troubles are over?

Serena Lewis said...

Sometimes, I'll notice Cody 'missing' and, as he's nearly always by my side, I go looking for him. I call out his name but no response. Then, we notice him sneak out from under the couch where I had been sitting....silly me! lol

As I usually read intense, heavy books, I find 'summer' reads a nice change when I'm in the mood for something light but interesting.

Rita said...

Hi Iggy,
Now I have "Wake Up Little Karma" in my head--hehe!

Yes--car troubles over. Caroline was in her usual happy mood again. :)

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
It's funny how when you're used to them being around 24/7 and they disappear for a long time you wonder where they went. Feels like hide and go seek with only one person playing--hehe! They don't answer or care and wonder why we are looking for them (and usually disturbing their sleep--hehe!).

I guess I usually enjoy having both going--heavy and light books. Kind of like sometimes I enjoy a half hour comedy and sometimes a drama or a documentary. Caroline has kept me busy with lots of light fare. So much so that I haven't been reading the heavy stuff for a while. Part of that is because I am always trying to read and return borrowed books first, of course--hehe! :)