Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hardly any sleep yesterday--exhausted--in bed early last night and up early this morning--tada! Always glad to be on days. Especially today. Supposed to see the sun (had a little peek yesterday) and maybe hit 50 degrees! Whoohoo! Got to appreciate it now because by Friday it is supposed to go back below freezing again for possibly up to a week. Might be good news for the flooding situation, tho!! Always a silver lining, right?
Leah sent pictures! Sami has been making himself to home.
Annie had apparently stayed in one spot for the first two weeks when the previous owners got her--so Dagan and Leah knew how shy she is. At first she hid in this empty closet downstairs.
Then she moved to this cat tree in the main room downstairs...
...and has stayed there pretty much for a few days. Dagan and Leah visit her and pet her and talk to her.
Sami, on the other hand has been making him self comfortable. There's a scratching post, cat bed, and toys upstairs, I see.
He looks quite relaxed about the move. :)
And he has a cat house upstairs, too.
He has checked out all three floors and the entryway from the get-go. But he goes back to check on Annie and keeps her company, too.
Leah says that Annie has already jumped off the tree when she came down! And once she went down and Annie was walking around downstairs. Last night they found her under their bed!! hehe! Never saw her sneak up there. So--she is exploring already, also. Tada! Leah said they'd like to move her favorite cat tree upstairs pretty soon so she can be more a part of the family and still have a place she feels safe, you know? :)
Since it's only been a couple of days--wow! I think Annie will adjust pretty quickly! So happy! Maybe Sami goes down and tells her all about what he's been doing and that it's actually safe there--hehe!
Well, they've had most all of the schools involved with sandbagging--from Middle School (Junior High to us old folks) to the colleges. Some closed and some gave excuses to the sandbaggers. And it stopped raining yesterday--coincidentally? They say there are no coincidences, right? We are supposed to have a couple of nice days for the sandbaggers today and tomorrow--but then freezing weather. They'll have to bag fast and get the dikes made because when it freezes the bags don't seal properly together because they're stiff. I know they had troubles with that last year. They do seem more prepared this year and it isn't expected to be quite as high--but this is a real drain on the community up here...emotionally, physically, and financially. Let's hope the cold slows down the melting enough that it won't crest as high. :)
Speaking of everything happening for a reason...??? I have been wondering if my losing my second debit card (at least temporarily) was trying to tell me something. Probably that I should concentrate on saving up for the chair and maybe an unbroken laptop table--yes. But it got me to thinking--again--about how to squeeze out more productive time without overdoing it, you know? Not having Netflix and only so much being of interest on TV-I'm once again thinking about how, as a person who lives alone, that I have the TV on just for company, you know? I am very aware I do this, but it's a hard habit to break.
Especially when I can only physically do so much a day--in short shifts of time. I can spend a little more time online now that I have the McLap--tada! Have been able to keep up or catch up faster than I used to because I can spend additional time without too much extra pain. :) And that will improve a little more when I have a new chair and can sit even more comfortably with the laptop. :)
Then I will have to figure out how to juggle my time between crafts and writing and all the other stuff I do and chores, etc. I will have more "good" hours to work with. I already have a little more than I used to. That is sooo nice! I guess not having Netflix for a while made me think about not turning on the TV and/or shutting it off more than I do. Even just reading more--getting out my books and lit journals about writing. Have to shift my thinking, you know? I ordered my writing magazines again. Just slowly shifting gears--even if my gears only consist of dead stop and low--and maybe a few days a month in first gear--ROFL!! I am on an incline, you know. Takes concentration not to go in reverse some days--hehe! :):)
I suppose it would be easier if I didn't have so many interests, but I'd much prefer the variety, of course. All the various crafts, painting mediums, genres of books and movies and writing...if I had to pick just one thing I wanted to focus on for the rest of my days--I couldn't do it! The very thought is depressing to me. I think that would put me in reverse--hehe! And yet I admire people who have one love--one hobby--one driving force. What a blessing. I will be 59 here pretty soon and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. :):)


Intense Guy said...

:) I'm glad you have so many interests actually. If you didn't you would feel cooped up and get bored to point beyond keeping sanity.

Sami is such a handsome cat! The Annie looks really nice too - just have to make sure she doesn't cross their paths (in the dark).

My parents have a similar pair - one rambuncuous and energetic and the other one shy and hides away all day. Always been that way.

AliceKay said...

I'm glad the cats seem to be adjusting well to their new home.

Sometimes I wish I had less interests so I could concentrate on one thing without being pulled to another. I hope you find a happy medium. I'm sure you will.

Fargo and it's residents have been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard about the potential flooding the other day on the news.

Serena Lewis said...

Sami and Annie look to be doing very cute that Annie ended up underneath the bed at one point. That's a good sign that she's exploring more.

I so know what you mean about having multiple's impossible to choose just one.

Rita said...

Hi Iggs!
True--and it wouldn't be a good idea to have an insane woman blogger on the loose in cyberspace. hehe!

That's funny that your folks have a pair of opposites, too. I've never been superstitious about black cats, I guess. Have lived with a few of them. ;)

Rita said...

AliceKay--I think I am just trying to figure out how to add in a very time-consuming love (writing) without losing my other loves, you know? :)

The river is supposed to crest around Sunday or Monday (21-22nd). So far, so good. ;)

Rita said...

Hi Serena,
Annie made it into the living room by Thursday! She's adjusting much faster than expected. :)

I know! But wouldn't life be dull if we didn't have all these various interests? I can honestly say am never bored. Frustrated that I can't do more sooner a lot of the time, but never bored--hehe! ;)