Monday, March 22, 2010


No wonder Karma snores the way she twists her head around when she sleeps.
I guess it is technically Monday already. Things have been busy and I have been totally out of whack with the not sleeping. The menopause hormonal insomnia still plagues me once in a blue moon. Wide awake even tho your eyes burn from lack of sleep (was up 24 hours), throwing windows and doors open because I was hot, and then under the blanket with the heat on because I was cold. Man! Am I ever glad I don't put up with this that often anymore--hehe!
Besides that...
what did I do over the weekend? I finally caught up on the youtube sites I follow (so I watched a ton of craft videos). I follow too many for me to watch every single one, but I watched a lot of them...probably too many--hehe!
A reporter from contacted Fargo Family Crafts (our Etsy shop). She's doing a series on Fargo Etsy sellers and asked us if we'd be interested. Sure! So, I spent yesterday working on answering her emailed interview questions. Leah will be working on the answers, too, and we have to pick out some product pictures and information. The Lady wants it by Wednesday. :)
Luckily we are meeting twice this week--Tuesday and Wednesday--so Leah and I can confab on Tuesday and give everything the final touches. This is sure the year for new experiences, eh?
I also won a drawing online!!! I made a recent purchase from a new online store (for me) and saw that it had a blog. Commenting on the blog entered me in the drawing. Wenonah from is going to be surprising me with a gift. She sounds like just the sweetest lady! I told her that I will consider this a birthday gift from her and the angels! :):)
Tuesday evening I was planning on going over to Dagan and Leah's to meet my new "grandchildren"--ROFL! (Annie is spending more time upstairs, BTW.) And we were planning on having a Sacred Circle. We do need to have things done for the online interview, tho, so either we will have to postpone Sacred Circle or make it brief. ?? We'll talk it over and decide.
Wednesday Dagan and Leah are coming over here after work. Dagan is planning to strip the brains out of the PC desk computer and reformat it with Linnex instead of Windows, I guess. I want them to help me move the bookcase, too. Then Leah and I can work on cards if we have time. Going to be a busy week. Not the best time to be sleepless in Fargo with hot and cold flashes--ROFL!
I have to call Qwest tomorrow--well, today--because I got a letter from them. Totally forgot that they were actually set up for automatic payment with my debit card. My bill wasn't paid! So, I will have to have them either send bills again by mail or see if they can do automatic withdrawal direct from my checking account. I wonder if any of my other bills are not set up with the actual direct automatic withdrawal? They were set up years ago now...?? I'll find out, won't I? hehe!
I figured there is no point in me even checking into purchasing a Visa card like I have heard they sell at Walmart--(the ones you can use like a gift card, I guess?)--until the desk computer is dealt with. And--when I get a new system to learn on that computer, too--don't be surprised if you don't hear from me at times. I may reach total brain freeze trying to learn so much new "computer" at once--ROFL!
We've been seeing the sun lately--so nice! So, even if it is still freezing at night we are getting up into the 40s during the day with the sun beating down on the frozen land. Only the stubborn icy remnants of the many tall snowbanks remain. And the cold snap slowed down the runoff--tada! The river is supposed to crest a little lower than they predicted. I wonder if it has crested by now? Dike patrol goes on for some time after the crest as the river recedes, so I know many people are spending the same sleepless nights as I am--but they are out walking the dikes in the cold, poor things! They were predicting the crest by Sunday or Monday, but I haven't been watching the news all weekend. Slept from 4-10:30pm last night. I know, all messed up now. But I am lucky I can sleep without worrying about my apartment flooding. I am one of the lucky ones! ;)
Happy Monday!! :):)


AliceKay said...

I heard on the news and read in the newspaper yesterday that the crest was lower than predicted. That's a good thing. The newspaper article said your area still had a couple of weeks that might be a problem, so I'm hoping for the best.

Good luck with the computer stuff. I wouldn't know where to begin. I think my son uses Linux instead of Windows, but I'm not sure what he has these days. He said there were less problems with it.

*goes to read your most recent post*

Leah said...

Oh, Rita, I wanted to note that those Visa cards that you can get at Walmart that are like Gift Cards, most of them have fees on them. If you don't use the card for a certain amount of time they take $$ out of that account, or just each month that it's in use, depends on the card. If that's your plan, than you would probably want to look into that first.

Thank you kindly,

Rita said...

AliceKay--Yes! Because of everything freezing up for several days at just the right time the crest was a bit lower. We are still on dike patrol and the National Guard is still here patrolling until the water is off the sandbags. :)

Hey! I found out how it is spelled. You knew! Linux. That's the reason Dagan wants me to try it--less viruses and such? I am the test, I guess--hehe! :)

Keep smiling!! :):)

Rita said...

Leah--Caroline was telling me about the charges and that you have to check what they are. I'll have to look into it later. Won't have any money anyways till April. Oh--unless I get birthday money! :):) I will read the fine print before I buy anything. Which means I need to bring my magnifier to the store--hehe! ;)

Intense Guy said...

My neck hurts just looking at Karma...

...and I won't say where my mind went when you said, "dike patrol"...

Rita said...

Hi Iggy,
Cracking me up again....dike patrol...!!

I think the twisting the head upside down could be her way of kind of petting herself in her sleep? Karma does go thru life headfirst--hehe! :)