Thursday, March 25, 2010


I managed to sleep for about an hour so I wouldn't miss the excitement of the evening! Dagan got the books moved (in reinsertion order) before Leah arrived (bearing organic milk from Target).
Here's the before picture.
Here's the after pictures!
I freed up some extra storage space, too! :)
Dagan removed the brains from the desktop and installed Linux and Firefox. Then Leah set up my folders (that I have open automatically for me and I can travel from one to the other and not lose my place--Leah and I love that feature and Dagan can't stand it--hehe!).

Okay--now, admittedly, I have been having a bad month--I must preface with that. I had been trying to use the system we created for me to store my pictures outside of iPhoto the last couple days. Trying to find where to store my new pictures I've been putting into the McLap for the past few weeks, right?.....
Well, if you are a person who drives by landmarks, like I am, I can equate it with losing all your landmarks. As if you got in your car and buildings have been torn down or moved to another neighborhood altogether--signs have been removed or parts of them are missing--trees have been chopped down--and the landscape doesn't even look familiar. There are still streets, but you don't know how to navigate them. *sigh*
Last night I was fully prepared to start deleting photos from the McLap. Kind of starting fresh and learning how to use Apple's system of storage from the get-go, you know? Instead of trying to adapt 12,000 pictures that had been set up using the PC folder system to fit into the Apple system. After all--I DO have everything stored right here on the portable hard drive.
I can plug this in and get to any of the original brains if I need to. So I can get to any of the 12,000 photos without actually putting them on the McLap or back on the PC, for that matter.
But--I am not sure if I am just extra frustrated because I have been feeling so physically crummy, you know? I want to sit back and think on it for a while longer. I can always do that. But I want to stay away from photos altogether until I am feeling more my normal, you know? Just let it lie for a while.
I have a new system to learn on the desk computer now, too. So I think I am best sticking to just email, the blog, and my usual internet sites for now. Stay away from the inner workings--the grey matter of the computers--and not make any decisions. I've learned that I should never make choices when I am in a negative place. So, I reminded myself of that fact this morning.
Put myself on pause.
Anyways, looks empty now. Look at all that room!
Karma keeps stopping in the hallway and looking up the wall--hehe!
Me--R&R time. This may be about it for me today--the blog. But--I am very happy to be looking at the bookcase. Ahhh! Give yourself a break today! :):)


AliceKay said...

The bookshelf looks great. It's nice to have the extra space, isn't it? :)

We all need a break now and then. I've taken a few myself lately. You'll get to the photos when you feel like you can handle them. If you're like me, things go much easier when you have a clear mind and actually feel like doing a certain project. Next thing you know, it's done. :)

I hope the rest of your day was a good one.

Serena Lewis said...

The bookcase looks fab in its new spot! It sounds like you all had a productive night. I know you probably already do this but be sure to back up all your have on that external drive to DVD. External drives have been known to just crash with no prior happened to me last year with one of two external drives I use. Lucky for me, I had the info on my main external drive as well as backed up on DVD.

I've never used Linux but Bradley, my son, seems intent on installing it when he's saved up for a new computer. I've heard it's supposed to be easy to work with and does not put a huge strain on the computer. Take your time with the photos....learn the new Linux system first and build your confidence a little more. I've never worked with iPhoto so don't understand how it can be so different from a created folder system of storage BUT I'm sure you will gradually get used to steps are key. xo

Serena Lewis said...

P.S. - I've been using Firefox more than Internet Explorer lately. I like that it's faster to load and the new blog layouts look better on-screen with it because it allows the little extra features. The last Firefox upgrade had a glitch tho which caused it to crash frequently and that was a little frustrating. Thankfully, they did put out a fix fairly quickly and now, no probs. The only thing I notice is that when Firefox upgrades its browser on occasion, my bank takes its time adjusting their coding so, temporarily, I can't use the newer Firefox browser. When this happens, I just open Internet Explorer and do my online banking through that until my bank adjusts its coding to accept the newer Firefox browser upgrade.

Rita said...

Hi AliceKay,
Getting rid of the 30 gallon fish tank opened up possibilities--hehe! Leah and I have plans for this new bookcase one day that is made with many, many short shelves for documents/paperwork and has doors on the front to keep the dust out. We'll move the bookcase that's in the entryway into the empty spot around the corner in the hallway (same size bookcase) and put the new enclosed bookcase in the entryway (more light and room to swing doors open). We want to store all our craft paper, my smaller art paper, and the craft instructions for sure. Then I have reams of computer paper, magazines, and possibly even actual paperwork that can go in there. All of which will free up space elsewhere and keep our craft paper away from sunlight/fading and they can be stored flat (no warps/bends). Everybody has to have a dream, right? hehe! May take us 2-3 years, but we'll get it one day. :):)

Yes--my brain is too pain-foggy to concentrate on something new right now. The photos will wait. Aren't going anywhere. :):)

Rita said...

Hi Serena!
Do you mean back up that portable hard drive? I thought that was my backup? Do they crash, too? Good grief!

I know I have to learn how to put my new stuff on the portable every so often. Right now, I have only added pictures--almost all of which are on the blog and therefore saved automatically on Picasa. So, it would not be a tragedy if I lost them off my computer because they are backed up in cyberspace, too. But eventually I will have pictures of friends/family, pictures I save for art projects, etc--stuff I don't post, you know?

I think, at first, it was "where" we tried to store the pictures--on iPhotos. That has it's own way of organizing your pictures for you--automatically. That is the place your camera photos go--automatically. But we moved everything into other areas of the computer/laptop and now I eventually have to move my camera photos elsewhere to add them to the other 12,000 after I have used them in iPhoto. I got lost trying to put them away--moving them out of iPhotos and into the recesses of the computer brain--hehe! It might not all give me a headache later when I feel better and can think more clearly. I may even be able to figure it all out, right? "I Can See Clearly Now..." remember that song? ;)

Dagan has been using Linux because it is supposed to have less virus and crashing problems...which sounded good to me. Worth learning how to navigate. Really giving the foggy old pain-brain too much of a work out--ROFL! It will get better, right? It always does. (These fibro pain loops are the pits! But I can eventually ease my way out of them.) I'm going to let Dagan read what you mentioned about Firefox, too. Thanks! :):)

Serena Lewis said...

That's right, Rita...portable/external drives DO crash too. One of mine just stopped working last year but, as mentioned, I did have the same info stored on my other external/portable drive as well as burned to DVD. There was no warning at all. :(

Intense Guy said...

Do I see another place you can... umm.. well... give the carpet a workout with the spotbot and things in the hallway now?

The bookshelf does look good - and so neat and organized!

I hope you are feeling better today... sorry it took so long to comment - been busy, busy, busy...

Rita said...

Serena--so your backup plan can crash, too. Argg! How many backups does a person need!!?? Computers!! *sigh*

Rita said...

Hey Iggs,
No problem. I know how busy you've been. Don't ever worry about that. I'm just happy to see you whenever you show up, my friend. :)

No--the carpet in the hallway is just dented down--no stains. And the bookcase around the corner is going to ft right in those dents just perfectly--ROFL!

That bookcase holds all the art and craft books and instructions. Every time I move bookcases I wonder if I have too many books....??? ;)