Sunday, March 07, 2010


My order from Ellen Hutson came so quickly!! :)
Right on top she had a little thank you...
...and a gift of some satin ribbon! How nice! :)
Everything was packaged well.
Here's the two new deep border punches. The sides fold up!
This is a Stamp-a-ma-jig. It is for positioning stamps exactly where you want them. I'll show you later how it is used. :)
Dew drops--clear and dark colors like brown and blackish.
Flower Soft in the new Polar White. I thought this might come in handy for snow on Christmas cards?
I splurged and got the actual glue that is supposed to go with the Flower Soft--even tho I think you can use other glues. What the heck, right? I can compare.
And--last but not least--ever since I have seen so many people using this new Scor-Tape on youtube videos, I have wanted some! It is a double sided tape that you can tear with your fingers--and comes in different widths, as you can see. There is one more really wide one, but I passed on that one (expensive, of course--over an inch wide, if I recall).
You know how we have loved using the cheap carpet tape--well, this might be even easier to use and you get so much that it's probably not much more expensive or about the same in cost? And even if it is a little more, if the ease of use is so much better...we'd be won over, I'm sure. :) And the carpet tape only comes in one width and you have to cut it down to size. Going to be interesting to try it.
Since I haven't yet tried the tape or punched the punches you know it was really a noodle day yesterday. Today I am washing clothes...tomorrow is the dentist to have that small cavity filled. I'm hoping the energy upswing will start soon. The energy level always climbs back...eventually. Patience is a virtue, right? Meanwhile--today I push myself to wash clothes. Don't want to wait as long as I did last time and have more to do at one time.
I saved the paper for recycling. ;)
Finished another of Caroline's books yesterday. Cloudy again, but in the 30s. Supposed to get close to 40 tomorrow! Karma visits the porch. Spring teases us. Looks like another good day! :):)


akartisan said...

My cat, Cookie LOVES Barnes & Noble bags - they make this crinkly sound and she rolls around on them and scoothes around like she's chasing something. I put them in the bottom of her pet tent for her. We are not done with Winter yet - it snowed more today and has been breezy off and on. Hope it comes soon. Next will be mud season, when everything thaws.

Intense Guy said...

That clover looks really neat!


Cat in the Hat, Cat in the Bags, Cat in the Box, Cats just like to be IN something, anything (except maybe Anacodas...)

AliceKay said...

Lots of goodies in that box. Can't wait to see how the Stamp-a-ma-jig works. :)

The different sizes of the Scor-Tape sounds like it's just what you need. No cutting for the size you want to use.

I'm a day behind in reading your blog so I hope today's post says you're feeling better and have more energy.

Rita said...

Makes you wonder why cats like such noisy stuff to pounce on? What in nature makes that kind of noise, you know? Bones crunching? What is the thrill--hehe!

Our mud and puddle season has started, I guess. Seems like we should have more snow yet, tho. We'll see. Winter came early, maybe spring will, too? :)

Rita said...

She colored that by hand, you can tell. I wonder if she drew it or it was a rubber stamp or something. Nice, tho--I agree.

Ha! No--cat in a snake--not good. But they do love to climb inside of things. Or to lay on stuff--that's also Karma's thing. :)

Rita said...

I'll have to take pictures to try to show how you use the Stamp-a-ma-jig. If you have ever used wooden mounted rubber stamps, you'd know how hard it is to position them exactly where you want them. This little thing is supposed to work like a charm!

I tried the scortape and so far--amazing! You can either tear or cut and it sticks really, really well. :)

I am days and days behind on answering comments, but feeling better day by day. I get into these terrible fibro lows and they can last for days and occasionally weeks--bleh! Feeling better tho now it appears. :):)