Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The fresh and chilly outdoors the last couple of days really knocked Karma out--hehe!
I puttered with a few more cards yesterday. First time I have done the hole piercing around the scalloped edge, used dimensionals, a metal frame, and our new cardboard misting box. Fun! (The Shaklee box works great, Leah!)
Tried out the glue pad and foiling. Didn't work as I planned, but I liked the random shimmer.
Then a couple whimsical cards. Used the BowEasy--ha! I had to watch the YouTube tutorial and messed up on the first bow twice--till it was too destroyed to use--ROFL! I had it right, but wasn't pulling it up snugly quite right. Once I do this a few more times, maybe I'll remember without having to watch the video. We all have our goals, don't we? ROFL!
Grabbed the wrong eyelet setter with this one--ROFL! Got the big nubby one instead of the smaller nubby one. Had to pound down the backside more because of that and bent one. Oh well. I'll remember to look closer next time when I grab an eyelet setter--hopefully. I suppose I could throw the old two I had away...why have them in the mix? Hummm?
Anyways, talk about organized chaos!
My workspace surrounded by tools and goodies.
But I think it is about time to switch it up--and clean it up. Put the stacks of scrap card parts away for later and all the goodies back where they belong. Find appropriate spots for the new stuff and do the bit of rearranging (because the bookcase got moved into the living room).
I can only take the mess for just so long. Plus I get restless to rotate to another project. I need more bookcards, for one thing. I think I will start cleaning up today.
Caroline comes this afternoon. Supposed to be gorgeous out, too! I think we hit 60 yesterday and supposed to get close to 70 today! Wow! Perfect day to ask Caroline if she could vacuum up all the dead flies on the porch, eh? I'm glad I got it scrubbed down out there. Might be a perfect day to read on the porch inbetween my craft cleaning sessions. :)
Flood cleanup has started. They've been instructing people to put their sandbags on the street by the curb for special pickups. The river is low enough in town to be below the dikes--just dealing with the soggy, smelly aftermath now. Glad all went well and it is over with. :)
Have a super-duper day!! :):)


Intense Guy said...

What do they do with a million sand bags?

I like the little birdies card :)

Rita said...

Hi Iggy,
You know--I have no idea! I wonder what they do with all those million plus soggy sandbags??

Dancing cartoon birds--so you go for the whimsy, eh? ;)

Serena Lewis said...

Glad to hear the flooding is over with. Your work table looks very similar to my art table at times.

As always, a lovely variety of cards, Rita ~ :)

Rebag said...

Hi Rita.... Finally some decent weather huh!! Nice to have a few things drying up down here....

Karma looks so peaceful....wish I could rest like a cat LOL Life would be grand then!

Your craft table looks like mine!! Ohhhh for fun!! Love the cards!

akartisan said...

I have about the same amount of cleared off space to work in and I even have 2, 6 foot tables pushed together to work on! They are covered up right now and I plan to start cleaning and re-organizing when I get back.

Maybe they cut open the sand bags and dump them all in a big pile to dry out somewhere?

AliceKay said...

Your cards are very nice. I like the one with the birdies, too...and the one with the little red bow is sweet.

I'm glad the water has receded enough that the cleanup is underway. Sounds like a big mess out there, though.

We've had rain, sleet, and snow today, and right now it's a mix of rain and sleet. It's an icy mess. Higher elevations might get up to 4 inches of snow by tonight. We're supposed to hit 70 on Thursday and 75 on Friday. Can hardly wait. :)

I hope you had a good day.

Rita said...

Serena--I heard that they are starting to move away the clay/dirt levees today, too--tada! The chaos spread over the table and onto three TV tray tables because of that very variety--hehe! It wasn't like when we are mass producing one particular card for Christmas or birthdays--every one of these was different and we have such a wide variety of colors and schemes of paper...but that was why it was so much fun, too. :):) Did need a break, tho.

Rita said...

Reba--hello!! Yes--so glad we are finally warming up--and drying up!! Feels just delicious to open windows, doesn't it? I don't think I could imagine living where there wasn't a clear dramatic change in the seasons--hehe!

I think most of our worktables can get to looking like that--hehe! And I'm a neat-nick artist--ROFL! :)

Rita said...

Sue--I love seeing other people's workspaces! Silly--but I have taken many a craft and art room tour on youtube.

I actually follow one of the local news stations on twitter and asked them what they do with the sandbags--no response. Does make you wonder, tho. They should pile all that sand someplace to use again. If not for flooding--for the icy roads in the winter. They must recycle it...???

Rita said...

AliceKay--Snow! 4 inches!! Arrgg!! But if it is supposed to get back up to 70 it should all melt away quickly, at least.

I know we could still have snow again, but I hope not. It was such a bitterly cold winter up here that came really early--so we're hoping for an early spring now, too.

I hope you have a good day at work and the sun is shining down your way! :):)