Friday, December 01, 2006


Okay, I am going to try this again. A couple of hours ago I had written the entire blog and went to post it--lost the cable internet connection altogether! It came back about half an hour ago. I guess I am ready to give it another shot. That hardly ever happens.

When I was working thru the book "Dark Side of The Light Chasers" they have exercises at the end of each chapter. I was supposed to find a picture of myself when I was little and put it up where I could see it every day. I am supposed to learn to forgive that little girl...

...and to learn to love her. I am supposed to believe that she is a beautiful being and to think of ways to nurture her each day. So, here she is---on the wall right next to the desk computer. I washed clothes and sheets yesterday. Just had to be done--sore or not. Then I went out and searched for half an hour in the garage for the cord for the cassette player. Eight degrees out! Frozen--but I finally found it!!!!
I remembered why that cassette player was in the garage--hehe! The connection on the volume control is really weird--touchy and staticy--but once you get it set and don't touch it, the sound is pretty good. So, I drug out the old Christmas cassettes and played Christmas carols all afternoon yesterday!

I also danced to Jimi Hendrix--with more abandon than I should have, apparently. Only two songs--but I couldn't sleep all night last night--even with pain pills! My hips had such sharp pains that I couldn't get comfortable. So, no dancing for me today. And I will have to be a little more dignified and confine myself to one song in the future until I build up some "get down" stamina--LOLOL

Once again, I was in bed by 9:30pm and up at 5am--on days still. ?? Six days in a row--not on purpose, forcing myself, or using an alarm clock--that must be a record! I am going to try--again--to see how long I can keep this up.

I was sooooo tired yesterday that I was too tired to eat! You know I am tired when I didn't even make it up to 500 calories! Today is much the same. I feel like I have no spoons today. But Leah is stopping by for only about an hour or so tonight to work on cards--so I will get things ready and try to get something done before she gets here. Got to push yourself when you have the help, right? Might have to take a nap!

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