Friday, May 18, 2007


Here's the book I drew from back when I was 11 years old in 1962. Does anybody else remember his drawing show?

I can remember waiting for his show to come on, but now I can't remember what days it was on or when. This was what started me drawing all the time, though, back then. I have kept the book all these years. The pages are yellowed, but I still remember how a whole new world opened up to me within the pages of this book. :)
I slept three nights in a row! I am definitely on the mend now. Hope to be back to my normal soon! :)


starrgirl's world said...

Well, we must be exactly the same age, and YES, I remember this artist and this book specifically! Of course I drew this picture - and the one of the bridge, too! Jon was my dream!! Thankfully, I've gone on to do lots more and am a happy, successful artist, but Jon Gnagy was the start of it all for me!! Thanks for showing this ~ I don't have that book any more and wish I did!!

Linda T said...

Wow, I had that same book. It came in a kit with charcoal and pencils and a stump. I remember doing the exercises and just LOVING drawing. I don't think I ever saw his tv show. What a great memory jog!

Rita said...

I am so glad some other people remember him and have that same warm spot in their artistic heart that I do. I drew several of the pictures and did the bridge one, also. :) (BTW, starrgirl, I am 56 years old.)

I didn't even remember that the book came in a kit. But I could have gotten it in a kit, that's for sure. I sure do remember his TV show, tho! To me, it seemed magical the way he drew and he inspired me to draw and be creative. Ah--memory lane!!

starrgirl's world said...

oh, yes, Linda - the stump!! I loved that thing and used it all the time!

Meanwhile, "soulcomfort", I am 55+, so we truly are the same age...

And yes, I think this book came in a kit so that you could do lots o'art with it! What a fun thing to remember this!! Please do stay in touch! That tv show was magic for me as well!

Sophie_vf said...

I SO remember this! I also replied to you at Flickr - but this certainly brings back memories of summer holidays at my grandparents place.

I don't remember the show, but I definately had the kit - and that book. Thanks so much for posting this!

That's the only time I ever worked with charcoal, as it turns out...and the only time I ever had a stump :) My "artistic career" pretty much ground to a halt after that (though I kept doodling).