Friday, May 25, 2007


Am on the fourth book right now in The Dark Tower series. Am praying that Mr. King can come up with a decent ending after I read all seven of these. The third book seemed to slow way down and not as much happened, so we'll see...

The biggest order so far for Dagan and Leah came yesterday--plus another package (backorder--just in time).

The white waste basket with handles is what I put my catalogs in for recycling now. So far I have just kept it by the door, but would like to find another place for it--in my packed little apartment--hehe! Leah brought over two of them so I can always be filling one. :)
Leah stopped by really late--like about 11:15pm, I think it was--to pick up the orders. She had her little brother, Aaron, with her. They were in and out quickly. I did get a chance to show her the Chinese brush technique videos on YouTube and showed her the Master Brush Set online, too. She is interested to try it with me. I sent her the links after she was here, too.
Leah also had some banana bread and some lemon bars for me!! She was baking away last night and that is why she came over so late. Some of the things in the orders were for presents, so she had to come by to get them. She and Dagan go to the lake with Leah's family for Memorial Day weekend every year. There are a bunch of birthdays close together, so they celebrate them at that time. Doesn't look like they are expecting the best weather for the holiday weekend this year. Still rainy and dark today here. another package was delivered today--so Dagan popped by to pick it up. they will be gone until Monday night, now.
Turned out I did something wrong and missed the Lost finale! It didn't tape. So, for the first time I watched a TV show on the computer last night. Was a very good and intriguing end to the season. First time they have flashed forward instead of backwards!!
Well, I may not be able to read out on the porch, but I have been getting a lot of reading done lately. I hadn't been reading for quite a while. I guess that was my silver lining to being out of commission there for a while--got my nose back in a book! hehe! :)

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