Friday, May 11, 2007


I got the cell phone cover for my Katana yesterday and I love it. Literally fits like a snap on glove! This is the front...

...this is the back. I can snap on a clip if I want to.

I don't have to remove the cover to use the side buttons or charge it. Just feel sturdier and protected now. :)

I spent most of yesterday off and on taking pictures of different things around the apartment for the EDM challenges. I seem to have an easier time copying something that is already two dimensional--chuckle! So, it is easier for me to snap a digital picture and print it off. That way, too, I can draw the challenges anywhere, any time because I have the pictures with me.
Then I spent some time snooping around online to find pictures of things I don't have in my apartment. They did suggest you could go look on for pictures to draw for the challenges--so I did. Was very interesting to see what strange things people post--hehe! I probably have at least 80% of the pictures I need for the 1o4 challenges I have left to do--oh my! :)

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