Monday, May 14, 2007


This is Karma's latest little quirk. Since I moved the furniture around in the living room, I wake up and find that she has occasionally pushed the lap desk out from beside the chair. She is used to spying from beside the chair--her hiding place to pounce from--as I tease her with her pole/string toys. Apparently she doesn't think I left her enough room. No matter which side I tuck the laptop, she has tried to push it out of her way. Silly girl!

Was 88 degrees yesterday--very warm in here by evening. Didn't want to close it up and put the AC on this early in the spring. Wow! I hope this is not an indication of how warm the summer is going to be! Only 74 degrees so far today, so it shouldn't be quite as bad tonight. :) Short and sweet today....

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