Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Big excitement around here last night (according to Miss Karma--hehe!). I moved the patio chair and ottoman outside to the porch. Rearranged things on the porch and endtables inside. Looks so empty in the here now.

I still need to move some plants out on the porch and Miss Gracie's cage, but it is all set up so that I can go sit out there to relax and read now!!

Karma has been all wound up--chuckle!
Dagan and Leah will be over tonight for Sacred Circle. :) It got chilly last night--nippy, actually--but is supposed to be another beautiful sunny warm day today--in the 70s, I think? I am off to read on the porch. Am half way done with the second book in the Dark Tower series. Maybe I will get back to sketching today, too? Finished one page while I was waiting for Lin to arrive on Monday--need to get the other side done so I can post again...

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