Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday- 3:00 pm

Here's what the flower pots look like. Chunks are peeling off the sides. Yuck! I don't really want to be buying half a dozen pots and transplanting plants this summer. I hope painting the ice cream pails works?

Caroline came today. (She had gum surgery yesterday--oh, to be young!) After she was finished I had her help me wheel down the two clothes racks I keep in the storage area (it's on this floor). The box is full of shoes. :)

Moving the winter stuff out and the summer stuff in. Finally! I just wasn't feeling up to it until now.

I finally decided to put all the stuff that is a size too small into one rack-duh! Don't want to get rid of them--in case I ever do lose weight, of course. They just got put in there all helter skelter when I moved and never took the time to reorganize them. When I got done, now I only have to roll one rack down here in the fall--hehe! And I am exhausted--but it feels so good to finally have gotten that task done after two years. Going to go put my feet up until Dagan comes after work.....

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