Sunday, May 06, 2007


We had thunderstorms rolling through all day and night, so I shut down the computer and didn't blog yesterday. The wind has been pounding and howling against the windows for over two days. Supposed to clear up pretty soon. The poor spider plant has taken a beating out on the porch, that's for sure.

The blue betta died. He'd been lying on the bottom of the bowl for a couple of weeks and struggled to get to the top to eat, so it was no surprise.

Yesterday Dagan and Leah went around looking at houses that are in the Parade of Homes again. Then they went to HOM Furniture--called me about a different chair they found that was a little more comfortable, they said. They found one the same style, but it is maroon and wobbles a bit. Was in clearance for $89.00 (vs. $149). Leah thought she could fix the wobble (our tool girl!), so I said okay.

But then they called me later and told me that decided to bring me over today, since the sale was still going on thru Sunday, to see it for myself before I decide to buy it. They said they were going to go look at more houses (last day) for a while and then come and pick me up around 2:30-3pm. I might go with for a second look at the house they liked the best for ideas over in Moorhead, so I know what they are discussing. :)

I was finally feeling better yesterday, so I didn't want to go with Dagan and Leah and set myself back again. When I go beyond my limit--it just takes days to recover and get back to my normal. I overdid it Weds and Thursday--pushed myself over my physical edge. Sometimes you don't even know you are doing it when you do it--but you pay for it later. Pretty much getting closer to normal now today.

I cleaned out the fish bowl. Watched some things I had taped this weekend--episodes of Bleak House on PBS (two more Sundays to go), the silly scratch and sniff episode of My Name Is Earl, The Office, ER, Medium, etc. Finally did some sketching last night. Just the preliminary pencil work on the second page--next I can start with the ink, then coloring of some kind, and when I am finally done I can post it. Felt good to be able to sit for a while and accomplish something. I do enjoy the drawing a lot--it's relaxing. Just was a nice weekend listen to the howling wind and be cozy and warm inside! I guess I will be out in it, tho, in a couple of hours--hehe! Hope you are all warm and safe. :)

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