Saturday, May 26, 2007


I did manage to open up the little video I accidentally took in the car. Reminded me of the silent movies my dad took with his camera and the blinding lights that we used to watch on the projector.

Still dark and damp and drizzling off and on. I drug out all my drawing books yesterday--pencil, ink, and colored pencil. Just felt like going through them for hints and ideas and information.

I hadn't been sleeping much for the past three days--last night I finally collapsed and slept over 14 hours. My Shaklee menopause pills were backordered and I just got them yesterday finally. That may have had something to do with it--since I was back to the insomnia and exhaustion...? If it was, then I should be able to sleep better again within a week or so. Menopause--can be so annoying!

Just made up some tuna salad that is chilling in the refrigerator. Now am off to read art books. :)

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