Sunday, May 27, 2007


I haven't posted any angels for months, I don't think. I still have a few more to post. This little one is sleeping and I have it on the boom box on my headboard to keep me company. :)

I was working on the buttons off and on yesterday again and finally finished stringing them all!

I need to find something better to store them in--but here they are. This is an old shipping box for shoes. The little wooden box is holding the single buttons and little packets of thread--odds and ends.

Okay--I know Karma is the most eccentric cat I have ever had, but she has started something new that I have never even heard of a cat doing before. I was sleeping and heard this weird sound--hard to describe it. Here Karma was laying on the foot of the bed, half asleep--grinding her teeth! She did this for the first time just yesterday or the day before. She looked like she was chewing on something, but there was nothing there--just chewing and rubbing her teeth together. How odd! I assumed that maybe she really had been chewing on something and just swallowed it.
BUT--today--same thing! I hear that chewing, grinding noise as I was waking up. Good grief! She is only two years old. If she starts this habit now she will have ground away her teeth by the time she's middle aged! I have never heard of a cat that grinds it's teeth! Karma! Karma!
Not supposed to rain today. I think the carpet is dry on the porch.....:)

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