Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I couldn't leave the Twinkling H2Os alone last night and kept going back to paint. If you look on my www.Flickr.com account (Soulcomfort's Corner), you'll see that this painting of the wall plaque for "draw something you made" really doesn't look like it at all. I couldn't use the medium I had used on the polymer clay, so I didn't have the same colors to work with. I kind of just did what I could and changed it quite a bit. That's what I get for cheating and using a rubber stamp in my drawing book--hehe!

The top picture was "draw what you see out your window"--garages, field, and businesses. I am not too good at making the buildings seem as far away as they actually are. And I have never tried to draw a car! Bad! Well, that is why they call them challenges, eh?

Been raining here off and on--and supposed to be like this all week. Good sleeping and reading weather. :)

Caroline switched from Tuesday to Wednesday this week, so she'll be here tomorrow afternoon. Leah is busy, but Dagan and I are going to paint with acrylics tomorrow night. Been a long time! With painting sessions so far apart, don't know if I am ever going to get the hang of it? Just have to keep trying, right?

I have been pondering how to decorate the outside of an ice cream pail. Why, you may ask? I have these flower pots that I bought at WalMart several years ago that have literally been disintegrating before my eyes. I was thinking that I could set them inside of an ice cream pail--and then I wouldn't have to: (1) look at them and (2) worry about the watering overflow. I am wondering about painting them--might try acrylics tomorrow night--or covering them with paper or something since they wouldn't be getting wet on the outside? Hummm?? Will have to come up with something. Can't stand looking at them anymore, but don't want to buy new pots and repot plants. I'll try to remember to post a picture of what I am talking about tomorrow. TTYL.... :)

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