Monday, May 07, 2007


I went to a couple of the new houses with Dagan and Leah yesterday. This first house (first three photos) they liked the large entryway with the living room off to the left. They probably wouldn't have the half walls, though--and Leah doesn't want carpeting--just all wood on that floor. They like the bi-level homes the best.

The second home--they like the combination of light and dark wood in the entryway. And they loved the modern kitchen. Not my cup of tea--but they love that style. :)

Then we went to Hom Furniture. The maroon chair was a floor sample, so it is a little dirty and is broken in. The wobble isn't as bad as I expected--so, if Leah can't fix it, it is okay to live with. I was more comfortable to sit in that the sage one. Had more padding on the seat so you didn't feel the metal bar so much. Decided to go ahead and get it. They ordered the additional nightstand and Dagan and I got pillows.
Now that they have the new bedroom set, Dagan doesn't need the little dresser anymore. So, they are going to bring it over here when they borrow Leah's mother's truck to pick up the furniture (probably tonight). The little dresser was made by a carpenter who was doing my sister's kitchen cabinets many years ago. Dagan was little and he made the dresser out of waterproof malmine (??-I think I have the name wrong--can't remember now) so that I could have it in the bathroom and not worry about Dagan splashing the dresser when he was playing in the bathtub. :) It is a smaller dresser. The carpenter even put wooden stops inside so that the drawers wouldn't accidently fall out on Dagan, either. I always felt that dresser was made with such care and love for Mr. Dagan--hehe! It is really heavy!! Going to put it in my bathroom here now.
Anyways, that was yesterday's jaunt! Cloudy today, but it is not raining. Not going anyplace today! :)

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