Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Lin came to visit for the afternoon and I talked her ear off--hehe! She looks so good and seems so much more content these days. I am happy for her. She wants to get together with both Jennifer and I one day, as Jennifer was in our Writer's Group, too. That would be fun! (Let me know, Jennifer!)

Then Dagan came over and we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond--and discovered that the quality of all their patio furniture dropped drastically this year?? :( So Dagan suggested we go over to HOM Furniture, since he needed to make a trip over there anyways. He and Leah bought their huge, beautiful bedroom set from HOM recently and they want another nightstand for the other side of the bed--and that is where he bought the cool pillow. He suggested I look for a cheap chair--which I didn't expect to find actually. We wandered and snooped around--found out they have a sale going on this weekend--Dagan checked out the availability of the nightstand and the pillows--no problem--can go back this weekend and save some more money. And we found a strange little chair on sale for $149.00--found a picture of it on their website in tan. I like the sage green that was in the store better.

It swivels and glides and rocks--like you are floating about when you sit in it. The ottoman moves about also. (Karma may hate this chair--hehe!) There's a lever and you can lean back like you're in a lounger and stop it in whatever position you want--Dagan figured that out. The only thing that could be bothersome is the bar that goes across the front of the chair seat under the cushion--it presses on the back of your legs a little. But I switch chairs around a lot--so I could just move. And there may be a way to slip an additional piece of foam under there too--as the seat is just slipped over the bar. I think I am going to go for it. Dagan said I could just pay them back the rest. I had planned on $100 maximum for a chair, but this is such a good deal and is a real living room chair, too--not the patio furniture I am using right now that actually belongs on the porch.
Then Leah met us over here at my place in the parking lot and the three of us went snooping through houses at the Parade of Homes from 6:30-8:30pm. Many of them! I finally couldn't do anymore stairs (knees and hips were giving me trouble)--I sat in the car for the last one--and snapped a picture.

There were many expensive houses on the tour--fun to snoop. I think this one was $339,000. Dagan and Leah were just looking and getting ideas about floor plans and other details. We were in a house before this one that had the most beautiful cupboards!! We all loved them--called a "port" or a wine stain. Had awesome woodwork throughout that home. Dagan and Leah are also looking for things they think they could finish themselves in a building process or a remodel, you know. Save some money.
I crashed last night for 11 hours. Am not getting much of anything accomplished today--hobbling about--but it was lots of fun. Got to visit with somebody I haven't seen since my "college days"-hehe! Found a decent chair for my apartment and got to spend the evening with Dagan and Leah as they planned and dreamed. :)

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