Thursday, May 17, 2007


I finally was able to sleep two nights in a row!! Hopefully on the upswing now. Dagan stopped by unexpectedly on Monday and was nice enough to take out the garbage I had sitting here all tied up and ready to go for three days. Just hadn't felt up to hauling it out--hadn't felt up to doing much of anything.

I took this picture a while ago. This was my first sketch, I guess. Done from a booklet by Jon Gnagy called Learn To Draw. He was the first television artist I remember. I begged my parents to buy this book for me. Tells the basics about shape, perspective, shadows, and shading--and then has step-by-step pictures for you to follow. Yes--I still have it. I was 11 years old when I drew this and my dad framed it for me (this is a new frame, tho--the old brown wood one started to come apart). I never forgot that Dad said he liked it and surprised me and had framed it. :)

I was getting restless basically doing nothing but read and watch TV--thought of something I could do sitting in my chair and still be good. I have a large button collection--my own from back in the days when I sewed Dagan a lot of his clothes, Grandma Ring's collection, some I bought up when Munsingwear was going out of business in Minneapolis, and I think maybe some from my mom. I saw in a magazine how you could sort the buttons by tying them together (I am using crochet thread). I had sorted them many years ago and had them in cheap fold-over sandwich bags (so you had to be careful they didn't fall out because the bags weren't closed) and it was impossible to find anything in the box. So, I dumped the bags into the plastic containers we just bought (that were still empty) and I have been slowly threading the matching buttons together. I rub beeswax on the end of the thread to keep it pointed and thin. Gives me something to do while I watch TV.

I also did my first attempt at drawing in my chair on my lap desk. I have always had to be seated at a table to draw. I was afraid my perspective would be off even more than usual--and it kind of was--note the thin violin--hehe! Anyways, I finished another page spread. :)

Well, I am not moving quickly and the timer is about to go off and I haven't finished checking my emails! So--got to go.... :) Another nice day--not too hot! Been a porch reading day!!

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