Thursday, May 03, 2007


How much cozier it looks with a couple of plants and a candle. Got Miss Gracie's cage back out, even if it is still a little chilly and way too windy today to actually put her out there. Soon! :)

I ordered a Sigg water bottle--refillable, good for the environment. A red one, of course. I'll just carry it with me around the house and I hope it fits into my red bag, too?

I ordered a few small things: cardboard magazine holders (have them piling up in stacks), a cell phone cover for my new phone, and (believe it or not) a bible cover! No--not for my bible. On the EDM site they mentioned how they are the perfect shape and size to carry around art supplies for sketching and watercoloring! And the one I got wasn't expensive either. Interesting! Hope it is as nice to use as they say. :)

CashWise was here and I just finished putting away groceries. Now I am going to order the Noodler's Ink for my Lamy pen for sketching and that's it for me this month. The rest goes toward the new chair! tada! Can hardly wait until that arrives!

Leah is stopping over after work to pick up their Shaklee order. She and Dagan are going to try the new Cinch Plan? They'll let me know how it works for them. Supposed to help you lose weight in a healthy way--no muscle loss and get rid of belly fat? Hope it works!

Well, it's another beautiful day--just very windy! Windy enough to rattle my apartment door off and on all day. Maybe the days just seem extra beautiful to me now when I can sit out on the porch and read and write letters, huh? Right now though (after I order my Noodler's Ink) I am going to go watch the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" with Will Smith and his son.... Later....

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