Saturday, May 19, 2007


I moved the roses onto the bookcase to keep them safe from Karma.

The roses were safe--but for some unknown reason, Miss Gracie snuck over and chewed up the Mother's Day card!

Gracie hardly ever has hopped over to the top of the bookcase--maybe three times in the over two years we've lived here? The card must have been the temptation. She is very into chewing up her newspapers and kind of "nesting" lately. Little stinker! Chuckle! Boy! If it isn't one critter it's the next I have to keep an eye on--hehe!
We had a really wild lightning storm last night!! The sky was blinking off and on like spastic Christmas tree lights! There were tornado sightings reported west of here. Some places had hail, too. The thunderstorm was really cool to watch from my third floor apartment. I love watching storms, actually. :)
Quiet dark day so far today. Too wet to go sit on the porch to read--and it looks like more rain is coming. Very good for the frogs and toads out in the field across the way--all the big puddles are even bigger--and they sing their praises. :)
May you all be blessed with a good day!

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