Friday, March 07, 2008


I couldn't even blog yesterday. So stiff and sore I thought I was crackling when I walked--chuckle!! But, those last couple of days was soooo worth it! :)
On Wednesday Leah and I went shopping--for FOUR hours!! Good Lord! Yes, I know--way too long for me, but I was having so much fun at K&Krafts--hehe! That was our last stop.
Here is just a sampling of the day's purchases.

First we went to Office Max. I needed some things like clear packing tape, a small three-ring binder to hold Haiying's book, small spiral notebooks, etc. And I wanted to look and see if they had any colored business paper that I could use for the insides of my bookcards. They did! You can see them above--two different styles of rose and a celery color!
While we were at Office Max, Leah suggested I get some of the things over at Sam's Club (they have a membership). So we went over to Sam's and I got more than I planned--as always happens in Sam's--hehe! Like 1200 paper plates!

Found a six pack of the clear packing tape and of the weird spiraly light bulbs that save electricity. A pack of spiral notebooks and 14 bars of Olay soap...etc. Shall we say I am stocked up on a few things for a good long time--hehe!
Then----ahhh!! We headed over to Moorhead to wander K&Krafts. The kind of paper I had bought several years ago (florals mostly) are not popular at the moment. I did find some, but the style now is really wild and bold! Crazy colors and patterns--many are revamped 60's style prints. I was surprised I found a lot of paper that I did like. Not my usual, that's for sure. Some of them--people, you are forewarned--you may need sunglasses to pull them out of the envelope! ROFL!! Funky wild! Well, spring is around the corner, right? hehe!
I had sooo overdone it those two days that I was totally, totally exhausted--almost falling asleep in the car on the way home. Was in bed by 8:30pm and slept for 14 1/2 hours!! Hobbled around yesterday and was basically a chair potato. Better today. Moving about a bit more. It is always better after a few days. :)
Colder again. Below zero here and there. Sunny, beauutiful day, tho. :)
Going to be quiet weekend for me in Fargo. I rest--contented. :) Waiting until I am feeling well enough to play with all the new supplies!

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