Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My new lady came from the state. She has to do with Caroline, my cleaning girl. They come every six months. Or did--until the last lady left. I think it may have been over a year since they have been here? Had to do it over the phone, but now they have a replacement.
This new lady is very nice. Was here about an hour--comes back in September. I honestly have forgotten her name. Extra foggy when I am sick--and I am foggy enough most of the time--hehe! (Is it any wonder I am leery of stronger pain pills? I might end up a blathering idiot!)
I cancelled today for the crafting with Leah. The only thing I have done in two days was to make a thank you card for Ann from her own paste paper. Here's the sheet I cut apart...

...and here's the card. :)
I think it is gorgeous!! I couldn't get a good enough picture to show that the silver is a little 3-D and shimmery. Beautiful!!! Her papers are going to make wonderful cards! Thank you soooo much, Ann!
I am just trying to get well. On a very slow mend. :) Best to all!

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