Monday, March 24, 2008


I was cutting away again yesterday--little by little. The stack with the bright stripes is the stack of "covers" for the bookcards. I had already cut the green paper for the inside pages and one of the brands of rose paper. Was working on the second rose color.

I finished all the cutting. Then realized that the paper is harder to store folded (when you have this much, anyways) and I decided to find something to store them in. TaDa! Fit perfectly!

The folded covers in front of the box are all the prefolded ones I haven't used yet. So, today I plan to see if I can just make them all into cards. Then all my papers will be in the same box for bookcard-making. :)

The covers are in the front, then the inside papers--cream, white linen, granite rose, celery with faint stripes (that go the wrong way on the page, but I didn't notice that when I bought it--up and down--hehe!), and another rose color.
Wow! Do I feel organized, or what?!
So--I am off to construct a few bookcards. Leah and Ariel are coming tomorrow to make paper--tada! Boy! Am I ever glad I am feeling better again. :)

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