Saturday, March 08, 2008


Each sheet of 12 X 12" paper can make two covers for bookcards. I took my pain pills and made up some bookcards yesterday so that I have plenty to keep me busy this weekend.

Told you they are not my usual--but I do like them a lot. I have such a wide variety--this is going to be such fun making new bookcards! The paper below--all the print is shiny. Was hard to get a picture of it. You can get a better idea if you click to enlarge.

I can make the bookcards up pretty quickly now--had a lot of practice--and I have the inside sheets all cut out, folded, and ready to go. In the purplish/lavender ones above, tho, I tried out some of the new rose colored paper for the inside.

I am on R&R for the weekend. Can't believe how stiff I am still from the four hours of shopping. So, I promise I'll be good for the weekend. :)


Jenifleur-de-lis said...

Very cool bookcards! I like them! The flowers make me remember what Spring is like :)

Rita said...

We do need reminders of spring up here in the North country, don't we? hehe!

I have really been having fun making bookcards for a while now. A little different and I think people like getting them, too--or so they tell me. :)