Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Turned out Leah and Ariel were here until midnight last night. Dagan got stuck at work with a computer crisis and wasn't home yet even when they left here. (One other time last year he was there all night long.)
Ariel had gotten this piece of wood when she and Leah were shopping one time--and she was the first one to use the woodburning tool that I bought a few years back. :)
She sanded the wood and penciled on this complex an angel stencil--and then slowly burned in the detailed image.

You can tell she has been drawing for years by all the shading she put in. Really turned out beautifully! Then she used a little border stencil for above and below "Guardian". We looked on my fonts to find something special--printed it off and used tracing paper for the image. Then she used the clear lacquer to seal it off.
Now Leah will drill a hole in each upper corner and it will be made into a hanging plaque for the wall! Nice, eh?
Leah set up a new port thingie for me yesterday, too. Now everything works again--the printer, mouse, camera--ahh! And, of course---something new in the house--Karma had to check it out.

She snuck behind the monitor and was snoozing contentedly.

And here--I am telling her she should get out from behind there--she just turned her head, put her ears back, and ignored me, of course.
As long as she doesn't decide to chew on anything, I really don't care. Karma knows it when I mean business vs. when I am giving her a hard time--hehe!
We had a great time again yesterday. Leah volunteered to help me make bread (she did the kneading) so it didn't bother my arm. :) She was searching online for information of what one would need to make pliable moulds vs. the one she made with polymer clay. She will look around today to see if they have the supplies in town here.
Me--I was playing around with a new site--my friend, Ruby, sent me the link--all afternoon!
Free radio--but you pick your own group or artist! I was having a blast!! Now have Beatles radio, Simon and Garfunkle, James Blunt, Cat Stevens, Moody Blues, etc. They play the one you start with and then some similar artists. Oh--and I like the New Age Ambient and New Age Electronic--you can pick catagories, also. Believe it or not, I didn't even turn on the television until 6pm! Me! (I usually have the TV on for company, if nothing else.) I was lost in the 60s mostly yesterday--hehe!
I have never been able to get a radio to work well in this apartment--or my last apartment in Moorhead either, actually. And this Pandora--you can listen to what you like and nothing else and no advertisements. If something comes on you don't like--you can click and tell them and they won't play it again. Of course, they want you to be interested in new artists and buy their music. Amazing that this is free! I was off in another world yesterday--such fun!!
Today Leah comes over and we are going to go shopping around at craft stores this got to get moving! :)


Jenifleur-de-lis said...

That guardian angel is beautiful!! Ariel did such a lovely job on it!! That girl is very talented :) Also loved Karma's sleeping spot behind the monitor. I suppose it is sort of warm and lovely back there for her ;)

Rita said...

Ariel really did a great job on that, didn't she? And I don't think she's ever even used a wood burning tool before that day.

Karma never had gone behind the monitor (because she's so fascinated with watching the screen since she discovered it) until there was something new behind there. She can't miss anything new in the apartment, you know--hehe! She hasn't been back there since.