Thursday, March 27, 2008


Here's the dried sheets (Leah's and Ariel's).

Then I flatten them under a couple of heavy books for a day.

The package was from my friend, Ruby! She sent me a beginner Origami book--

A calendar--Betsy's Birds (color woodcuts)! Betsy Bowen is an artist who lives in Grand Marais, Minnesota. :) I didn't get the best photo--but the March bird is a Raven.

There was also a flowered nightgown in the package! I do love my grany gowns. :)

And three bright, colorful birthday napkins. (Which I made into three sheets of paper already.)

I also got a few birthday cards, too. Thanks everybody--so much!! All my birthday money will be going toward the Kitchenaid mixer--starting to save up again. :)
I worked on paper yesterday. Used up some of the strips I saved off the bottom of the 12 X 12" papers--you can see lying on the counter. The zip lock bags have white paper scraps and some printed paper scraps from my printer in the top bag. It feels so good to recycle.

These are the six sheets I made yesterday--laid out to dry. The three purple ones are from the happy birthday napkins. You never know what you are going to end up with, do you? These will be perfect to send cards back to Ruby--who loves purple shades!

I am hoping to make at least six sheets every day I do paper. The huge sponges Leah found at Home Depot work much easier. Not as hard on my arm. :)
Dagan came over after work. Leah went thru a stack of papers, etc, that I have been just adding to since we did Christmas cards--from her side of the table--hehe! She found a lot of parts for cards, etc. She made some of the Christmas cards she didn't use into gift tags. Leah was puttering about over at the table all night while we all watched a couple movies. The old Charleston Heston movie The Omega Man (that I Am Legend is based on) and Hitman (not that good--based on a video game that must be awfully violent). Dagan and Leah left around ten.
Tired today, of course. Was a nice couple of days, as usual. Maybe I'll get some more paper made today?

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