Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The new contraption arrived yesterday--a port squid from ThinkGeek. Leah ordered it for me online since the last contraption died--again--from Best Buy, I think? She said we needed to try a different brand completely. And--I hooked it up myself--tada! Ridiculously simple to genuine "geeks"--hehe!--but I was glad I figured out how to do it.

So, now everything works again without me having to unplug and plug and unplug (one port to use)--printer, camera, mouse...ahhh!! We need our electronics, don't we?
Karma actually tried to squeeze into this little box the squid came in--silly girl! Cried and raced around the aprtment out of frustration. But she came back later and found it was good for scratching her face.

I spent the entire day doing sessions to put together sixteen bookcards. All the ones I had pre-folded are finished--tada!

So--I am all set with bookcards now--for a while, anyways--hehe! All ready to begin with the papermaking!

Caroline comes to clean this morning. Leah and Ariel will be arriving after that. Going to introduce Ariel to papermaking today--fun! Love to share information like this--see how somebody likes a new craft? I am guessing she'll enjoy it.

We had wind gusts up to 38 mph yesterday. Karma wanted to go out on the porch, of course. She had just gotten out there when a loud gust came whooshing up -- and it must have come right up under her feet and moved the carpet. I haven't seen Miss Karma jump a foot straight up in the air since she was a kitten!! I still chuckle when I remember the look on her face.

No wonder cats hate to be embarrassed. We laugh at them. I am still laughing! :)

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