Sunday, March 16, 2008


Been making a few cards. These are a couple of simple spring-like cards.

And made more bookcards, as usual. Finished up the papers I had previously all cut and ready.

Haven't been feeling well yet. Filled out paperwork to bring with to the doctor tomorrow. Leah is giving me a ride to the rheumatologist, thank goodness! My yearly check-up--that has been postponed.

Karma is eating her cat grass--keeping an eye on me. She had been glued to me since her self-imposed three day exile--chuckle! She had been either right next to me at the computer, lying on me or near me, or watching me 80% of the time. Well, of her awake time. Cats do sleep a lot--hehe! I must be back to boring today. She hasn't been dogging my every move.
I see she is looking at the cat grass like something is moving. I'd better go check and see if it is something real or a figment of her vivid imagination...:) Have a good day!

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