Monday, March 10, 2008


Since I am not getting an art table after all--I am saving up for this KitchenAid stand mixer. Earlier in the year than I expected--hehe! But I had planned to save up for one this year, anyways. Now I can probably get one in April. Always a silver lining, right?

I am washing clothes today. Going to be a busy couple of days coming up. Leah asked if her friend, Amber, could come with on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Sure!
Amber must be on spring break. She was planning on coming and working on her wedding invitations with Leah at that time. So, it's not a surprise or anything. :)
Caroline comes tomorrow, too. She'll have to clean around them--hehe! Won't be hard as they will all be over at the table by the window working away. I might be trying out the easel, I guess--but I'll be baking bread for sure.
Works out very nicely for me to bake bread when Leah is here because Leah said she'd do the little bit of kneading that still has to be done for me so I can save my arm. Works out quite well. I put them together and Leah kneads them for me. Good deal for me. And they love warm fresh bread--so good deal all around. Leah is bringing a silicone bread pan for me to try out this time. I have never tried any of the silicone pans--should be interesting.
I find myself still chuckling over Karma. A few days ago I went into this crazy sleeping cycle where I was up for 30+ hours and then slept 14+ hours--I repeated this twice for some unknown reason. We'll the second time I was sleeping Karma actually tried to wake me up to feed her. She has never done this before. I keep dry food in her little dish all the time and even the times it has gone empty she has never bothered to try to wake me up. But...I had been awake for nearly two days and forgotten to refill her dish. Could have been empty a long time. Not that either Karma and I look like we would starve in any given day without food--hehe!
Anyways, Karma meowed for a while in the kitchen, then she moved to the hallway, then she moved to the bedroom door, then she stood by the bed--meowing the entire time off and on. She finally stood on the bed, leaned down, and meowed right into my face. Like she was trying to protest the fact that I had forgotten about her needs and wondering what in the world I was still sleeping for (long, even for me). I cracked open an eye and told her she'd have to wait.
She left. If a cat can stomp, she stomped out of the room. Didn't bother me any more, tho. And when I got up, she was just the same as usual. Rubbing on my legs and all excited for her tablespoon of canned food. Ignored the dry food I put in the bowl first--just like every other day--she was focused on the little dab of canned food. Maybe that was what she was comlaining about? She'd gone a couple of days by then without her canned food treat??
Who knows what's in her head. Karma is the first cat I just can't read quite as well as my other cats. I have her number most of the time, but still can't figure out why she doesn't like company anymore out of the clear blue sky? She's got this angel/devil personality--like she's schizophrenic! Can't say she's not entertaining!

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