Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Made it to see the rheumatologist. He is such a nice man! I got some new pills. 30 days worth of new pain pills and also something to help me sleep. Since I don't take them every day and only use them as needed, he said to come back in four months and we'll see how they are working for me. I go back in July.
Then Leah and I went over to the new house. I got to see it all--upstairs and downstairs. Felt weak and wobbly, to be honest, but it was so cool to see it for myself!
Dagan met us over there. He went in with Leah to see what they had done with some of the wiring. I stayed in the car. They wanted to take me to Speak Easy--an Italian restaurant nearby--for an early birthday dinner. (My birthday is on the 28th.) In order to make it to the doctor's I hadn't eaten since the early afternoon the day before and had taken anti-diarrhea pills the night before and that morning--so I thought I'd be safe to stay out longer and eat. Was delicious! I have leftovers for today, too. :)
I wasn't home long and it was stomach cramps and the porcelain throne. I definitely have that flu again. Pretty sad when you are generally so sore and achey that you can't tell if you have the flu or not--hehe!
I cancelled crafts today with Leah and Ariel. :( Might not have Leah over tomorrow, either. Bummer!
I have a new lady coming this afternoon from the state--short visit--and that's it for me today. Been sleeping a lot again--just like the last two times. Hope to feel better soon. :)

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