Thursday, March 13, 2008


Baked bread on Tuesday--made three loaves before Caroline got here. The girls were late (2pm) and there was no need to rush after all. Caroline had already come and gone.
I did set up to color in the Christmas trees, but didn't get anything done the last two days. Wasn't feeling very well.
Realized last night after Leah and Amber left that I have been using very old Miracle Whip for days--like it expired five months ago!? So that may be the cause of me feeling like I had a touch of that flu again? Duh!!

This morning it is beautiful! The first time I have been able to leave the doors to the porch open. Miss Karma is in seventh heaven! But--Amber stayed another day and they'll be back soon and Karma will be under the bed again.
Last night she actually came out and sat near the entryway for a short bit. And twice now she has come to sit briefly with me in my chair. But--she panics and leaves in just a couple of minutes.
This is where she is sitting right now--soaking in the sun and the warm weather--38 degrees! Been around 40 degrees for the past couple of days and everything is melting. We even had rain yesterday. Spring is around the corner for sure! :)
Dagan and Leah have something to do concerning the house this afternoon and they're going to drop Amber off here until they're done. Then I can help her until Leah comes back. Hope I can think straight--hehe! Amber is doing really well for not having done any of these tasks before, by the way. :) They should be here any time now. More tomorrow--if I can move at all--hehe! This has been fun!!

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