Monday, March 17, 2008


Most pictures ever!!!! :):) The front...
Left side-the siding is all done on this side.
Back of house--deck will be here.
Right side of house. Can see where (because they had to redesign and push the garage back and angle it to fit the house on the lot) the roof over the back garage door is a little short so that they could fit in a bedroom window.
Back of garage is done.Working on the right side of garage.
Front of the garage.

They ordered the wrong color for the sofets--should have been the same color as the garage door trim. Doesn't look too noticeable--luckily.
Close up of the siding. They ordered the wrong style of siding, also.
This is the style they wanted (on another house). Dagan and Leah have been having to make consessions--they hold the building loan.
Picture from the garage door looking into the house.
Picture looking back to the garage door. They ended up with a larger entryway closet.
Front room bay window.
Also the front room (left of the front door). Starting insulation now.
Looking at the temporary construction stairs by the front door.
The upstairs living room. I forgot to ask Leah if they are having a railing or a half wall--but it looks like a railing, since they haven't framed anything in there. (Only interested because I am afraid of heights--hehe!)
Kitchen--can see all the blue electrical boxes.
French doors by the dining area--looking out to the back yard and eventually leading to the deck they will build.
Master bath, water closet, laundry room, and master closet. Don't ask me what is where--ha!
Master bedroom.
They have started to put in the can lights into the ceilings. This is over the stairs and the front room.
This is over the upstairs living room.
And lights over the kitchen.
I am not sure which window this is taken from, but my guess is the many faceted room off the master bedroom--hehe! Leah didn't label it.
First look at the lower level!! This is looking down the stairs.
There's a large room on the left side of the lower level. Not sure if it will be called a family room or den? I'll call it a den.
Another shot of the den.
And one more. Looks pretty large!
Here Leah says you can see part of the downstairs tub and shower--and part of the downstairs bathroom.
On the right hand side of the lower level will be two more bedrooms. She says in this shot to the left will be the bathroom and to the right will be the mechanical room (furnace, water heater, and such).
And lastly this is a shot of the mechanical room and of their crawl space beneath the front room.
Wow! It is really starting to look like a house now! Soon Leah will be very busy with the house--painting, tiling, and laying flooring--and I won't see her for crafts for a good long while because that will be put on hold, of course. So exciting!
This afternoon Leah is bringing me over to my rheumatologist appointment. I might get to go see the house for myself if I am feeling up to it. I'd really like that. I haven't seen it since it was an empty lot. Been feeling pretty poorly most of this year so far. BUT--so far, so good today. Have to go finish getting ready--this took a long time--hehe! Hope you enjoyed looking as much as I did!

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Jenifleur-de-lis said...

WOW! Dagan and Leah's house is really coming along and it looks great! Exciting that you got to explore inside! Neato :)