Sunday, March 23, 2008


Was a good day to try out the new and stronger pain pill yesterday--after hauling Karma around like that--hehe! They are not a high dose, of course, and were not enough to make me goofy or anything. The Darvocet is a little stronger than the Tramadol.
I actually got something done yesterday--so it did take the edge off the pain. :) I worked at cutting up the patterned papers that I have for bookcard covers--and I finished!

I guess they don't seem as wild as I first thought they were. They're just very different--for me. I have gotten used to them as I have been working with them and like them even more than I did at first.
Next I will be cutting the colored inside paper I bought--rose and celery colored. Then comes folding all of them in half. I want to try to get all the cutting and folding prep work done before Tuesday as I am hoping Leah, Ariel, and I will be starting on papermaking!
Once I have all the parts ready for the bookcards, it doesn't take up much room to actually put the bookcards together. I can assemble them at my desk, even. If we start making paper--the craft table will be in use--all of it--for paper drying. And no matter what--if Leah and Ariel have other craft plans for Tuesday and Wednesday--I will be making paper by Thursday--hehe!
And I won't have to worry about running out of bookcards. For a long, long time--hehe!


Dana S. Whitney said...

I for one, am happy to see all your paper making "stuff." I've done a little of that (and have great resources) but tend to want drawable papers. I didn't know there were cat strollers. That would be fun for me and our cat, Puppy. (It helps if I have something to lean on when I walk). Sorry that you are in the Darvocet/Tramadol world. I've been able to quit Tramadol because my pains were side effects of OTHER meds. @#$%^!!!!!

(PS: Hope YOU win the craft store shopping spree next time :-D )

Rita said...

Knitting Painter Woman,
Sounds like you understand the daily pain thing. Sorry to hear that. Hope you are better now if they figured out it was caused by other meds. How frustrating!

I did buy some additive that is supposed to help with the drawability of the paper--but haven't tried it yet. You can bet I will snap pictures when I do--chuckle! :)

The stroller--what can I say--makes me giggle! :)