Friday, March 14, 2008


This has been the focus over here since Tuesday--making Amber's wedding invitations. :) This is what it looked like when they picked up Amber for dinner at a friend's place yesterday evening.

Dagan and Leah had a meeting with the contractors and dropped Amber off yesterday afternoon for a few hours--and I helped her some with layering. Wish I had felt better during the days Amber was here so I could have helped more. And it must not have been the Miracle Whip--Leah and Ariel have been eating it all along and haven't had any problems. I threw it out just to be on the safe side.
Anyways, Amber and I finished getting all the layers put together yesterday. Then Amber started on the hole punching on the vellum before Dagan and Leah came to pick her up for dinner. Aren't these pretty!!
Meanwhile--I got a sample package of paste papers from Ann (CBP group) and they will be wonderful for card making! Ann asked if I wanted them--she is doing craft cleaning--and I hate to see anything thrown away, love to recycle, and I LOVE paper, as you know, so I said of course I'd love some samples.

Well, my goodness! Thanks so much, Ann!!! What an assortment! :) :) I am just delighted!! So many ways we can use these! Dagan and Leah were looking at them, too--now Leah wants to try making paste paper, too--hehe! I told her I bought some combs for that very purpose a year or so ago. Never fear, Ann--between Leah and I, they will be put to good use. You can send more--yes!!

After everybody left Karma discovered the paste paper--and she loves it, too.

I told you she has to investigate, smell, paw, chew, or lay on anything new. She didn't chew on them, BTW--hehe!

Leah and Amber came back after their dinner and worked on the vellum wrap.

They were having such a good time.

Amber is on the left.

They finished about 1am. Yes--finished!! TaDa!! Now all Amber has to do it have a map printed off, address all the envelopes, and then get the supplies for a pliable seal for the envelope. Instead of the old wax seals that will crumble in the mail, now they have a seal stick that works just like a glue gun stick. Not supposed to break up in the mail. Awesome!
Miss Karma has missed me for three days and has been constantly talking to me today. Like she wants to know if we are waiting for somebody to arrive again--hehe! Silly girl! It is her choice to hide under the bed.
We are both exhausted, of course. I am still not feeling well and have decided that it must be another bout of that repeater flu--but not nearly so bad as the other two times. So, I will rest and Karma will gladly keep me company--hehe! :) Later...

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